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  • Genetics, epigenetics, and transcriptomics of preterm birth.  88. 2022
  • Impact of the menstrual cycle and ethinyl estradiol/etonogestrel contraceptive vaginal ring on granulysin and other mucosal immune mediators.  86. 2021
  • Distinct peripheral vs mucosal T-cell phenotypes in chlamydia-infected women.  78. 2017
  • Characterization of immune cells and infection by HIV in human ovarian tissues.  78. 2017
  • Levels of Genital Tract Defensins and Cytokines Differ between HIV-Uninfected US and African Women.  74:313-322. 2015
  • Soluble Immune Mediators and Vaginal Bacteria Impact Innate Genital Mucosal Antimicrobial Activity in Young Women.  74:323-332. 2015
  • Bacterial Vaginosis and the Cervicovaginal Immune Response.  71:555-563. 2014
  • Humoral Immune Responses to HIV in the Mucosal Secretions and Sera of HIV-Infected Women.  71:600-607. 2014
  • Innate Immunity in the Vagina (Part II): Anti-HIV Activity and Antiviral Content of Human Vaginal Secretions.  72:22-33. 2014
  • Interactions between HIV-1 and Mucosal Cells in the Female Reproductive Tract.  71:608-617. 2014
  • Mucosal correlates of protection in HIV-1-exposed sero-negative persons.  72:219-227. 2014
  • Early HIV-1 Target Cells in Human Vaginal and Ectocervical Mucosa.  65:261-267. 2011
  • Methods for Evaluation of Humoral Immune Responses in Human Genital Tract Secretions.  65:361-367. 2011
  • Susceptibility of middle adolescent females to sexually transmitted infections: Impact of hormone contraception and sexual behaviors on vaginal immunity.  58:159-168. 2007
  • Immunologic uniqueness of the genital tract: Challenge for vaccine development.  53:208-214. 2005
  • Mucosal immunity in the genital tract: Prospects for vaccines against sexually transmitted diseases. A review.  42:58-63. 1999
  • Normal Uterine Cervix: Characterization of Isolated Lymphocyte Phenotypes and Immunoglobulin Secretion.  34:241-247. 1995
  • Antisperm Antibodies (ASAs) in Infertile Males: Subclass Distribution of IgA Antibodies and the Effect of an IgA1 Protease on Spermā€Bound Antibodies.  31:77-83. 1994
  • Secretory immunity in the female reproductive tract.  31:40-46. 1994
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