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  • Associations of pain catastrophizing with pain-related brain structure in individuals with or at risk for knee osteoarthritis: Sociodemographic considerations.  15:1769-1777. 2021
  • White matter microstructure varies with post-traumatic stress severity following medical trauma.  14:1012-1024. 2020
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  • Mean diffusivity as a potential diffusion tensor biomarker of motor rehabilitation after electrical stimulation incorporating task specific exercise in stroke: a pilot study.  8:359-369. 2014
  • MRI volume of the medial frontal cortex predicts financial capacity in patients with mild Alzheimer's disease.  7:282-292. 2013
  • Greater impulsivity is associated with decreased brain activation in obese women during a delay discounting task.  7:116-128. 2013
  • Antidepressant effects of magnetic resonance imaging-based stimulation on major depressive disorder: A double-blind randomized clinical trial.  6:70-76. 2012
  • An fMRI study of the differences in brain activity during active ankle dorsiflexion and plantarflexion.  4:121-131. 2010
  • Age-related changes in motor control during unimanual movements.  3:317-331. 2009
  • Brain proton mrs is correlated with financial abilities in patients with Alzheimer's disease.  1:23-29. 2007
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