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  • Chemical and Biochemical Reactivity of the Reduced Forms of Nicotinamide Riboside.  16:604-614. 2021
  • DNA-Encoded Library-Derived DDR1 Inhibitor Prevents Fibrosis and Renal Function Loss in a Genetic Mouse Model of Alport Syndrome.  14:37-49. 2019
  • Identification of Compounds That Decrease Glioblastoma Growth and Glucose Uptake in Vitro.  13:2048-2057. 2018
  • Chemical Proteomics Reveals Soluble Epoxide Hydrolase as a Therapeutic Target for Ocular Neovascularization.  13:45-52. 2018
  • Efficient Inhibition of SmNACE by Coordination Complexes Is Abolished by S. mansoni Sequestration of Metal.  12:1787-1795. 2017
  • Phosphorylation Weakens but Does Not Inhibit Membrane Binding and Clustering of K-Ras4B.  12:1703-1710. 2017
  • Argininosuccinate Synthase 1 is a Metabolic Regulator of Colorectal Cancer Pathogenicity.  12:905-911. 2017
  • Chemoproteomic Screening of Covalent Ligands Reveals UBA5 As a Novel Pancreatic Cancer Target.  12:899-904. 2017
  • New Methods for the Site-Selective Placement of Peptides on a Microelectrode Array: Probing VEGF-v107 Binding as Proof of Concept.  11:2829-2837. 2016
  • Targeting the Early Step of Building Block Organization in Viral Capsid Assembly.  10:1785-1790. 2015
  • Peptide-based, two-fluorophore, ratiometric probe for quantifying mobile zinc in biological solutions.  10:385-389. 2015
  • Overcoming target-mediated quinolone resistance in topoisomerase IV by introducing metal-ion-independent drug-enzyme interactions.  8:2660-2668. 2013
  • Picosecond to second dynamics reveals a structural transition in clostridium botulinum no-sensor triggered by the activator BAY-41-2272.  7:2046-2054. 2012
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