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  • Designing Anti-Meth Ads: Insights from those who use Methamphetamine.  47:638-650. 2022
  • Reentry During A Pandemic: A Pilot Study of Access to Peer Support Through Technology to Reduce Social Isolation 2022
  • Testing Gender Differences in Victimization and Negative Emotions from a Developmental General Strain Theory Perspective 2021
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  • Using Reentry Simulations to Promote Changes in Attitude toward Offenders: Experiential Learning to Promote Successful Reentry.  45:126-144. 2020
  • Understanding Workplace Stress Among Federal Law Enforcement Officers.  44:409-429. 2019
  • Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act: SaVing Lives or SaVing Face?.  42:401-425. 2017
  • Parental Effects on the Exchange of Sex for Drugs or Money in Adolescents.  41:710-731. 2016
  • Opiate treatment in the criminal justice system: a review of evidence rated programs.  41:70-82. 2016
  • The Role of the United States Supreme Court in Shaping Federal Drug Policy.  39:660-679. 2014
  • The Likelihood of Arrest: A Routine Activity Theory Approach.  39:450-470. 2014
  • Students and Perceived School Safety: The Impact of School Security Measures.  38:570-588. 2013
  • Meeting in the Middle: A Review of Joint JD/PhD Programs.  38:289-305. 2013
  • An Examination of the Influence of Strength of Evidence Variables in the Prosecution's Decision to Dismiss Driving While Intoxicated Cases.  37:562-579. 2012
  • Sympathy for the Devil: An Exploration of Federal Judicial Discretion in the Processing of White-Collar Offenders.  37:4-18. 2012
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