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  • Fracture strength of zirconia and lithium disilicate restorations following endodontic access.  34:534-540. 2022
  • Probing the hierarchy of evidence to identify the best strategy for placing class II dental composite restorations using current materials.  33:39-50. 2021
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  • Microleakage around zirconia crown margins after ultrasonic scaling with self-adhesive resin or resin modified glass ionomer cement.  30:73-80. 2018
  • Microleakage around Class V Composite Restorations after Ultrasonic Scaling and Sonic Toothbrushing around their Margin.  29:41-48. 2017
  • A 2-year Retrospective Clinical study of Enamic Crowns Performed in a Private Practice Setting.  28:231-237. 2016
  • Modified PEEK Resin Bonded Fixed Dental Prosthesis for a Young Cleft Lip and Palate Patient.  28:201-207. 2016
  • Gloss and stain resistance of ceramic-polymer CAD/CAM restorative blocks.  28:S40-S45. 2016
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