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  • Establishing collaborations in global neurosurgery: The role of InterSurgeon.  100:164-168. 2022
  • Socioeconomic and demographic considerations of pediatric concussion recovery.  100:94-99. 2022
  • Assessment of magnetic resonance imaging criteria for the diagnosis of cavernous sinus invasion by pituitary tumors.  90:262-267. 2021
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  • Impact of exercise on bone mineral density, fall prevention, and vertebral fragility fractures in postmenopausal osteoporotic women.  76:261-263. 2020
  • An examination of the neurocognitive profile and base rate of performance impairment in primary dystonia.  74:1-5. 2020
  • Rare cause of cystic cerebellopontine angle lesion.  72:423-424. 2020
  • Rare cause of cystic cerebellopontine angle lesion: Answer.  72:497-498. 2020
  • Repeat gamma knife stereotactic radiosurgery in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia: A single-center experience and focused review of the literature.  70:102-107. 2019
  • The impact of timing of adjuvant therapy on survival for patients with glioblastoma: An analysis of the National Cancer Database..  66:92-99. 2019
  • The centromedian nucleus: Anatomy, physiology, and clinical implications.  63:1-7. 2019
  • Congenital myopathy with a novel SELN missense mutation and the challenge to differentiate it from congenital muscular dystrophy.  62:238-239. 2019
  • PHASES score applied to a prospective cohort of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage patients.  53:69-73. 2018
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  • History of electromyography and nerve conduction studies: A tribute to the founding fathers.  43:54-60. 2017
  • Assessment of healthcare personnel knowledge of stroke care at a large referral hospital in sub-Saharan Africa – A survey based approach.  42:71-74. 2017
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  • Outcomes of endoscopic third ventriculostomy in adults.  31:166-171. 2016
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  • Enhanced hippocampal neurodegeneration after traumatic or kainate excitotoxicity in GFAP-null mice.  13:934-938. 2006
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