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  • Endotoxin-minimized HIV-1 p24 fused to murine hsp70 activates dendritic cells, facilitates endocytosis and p24-specific Th1 response in mice.  166:36-44. 2015
  • Specific antibody activity, glycan heterogeneity and polyreactivity contribute to the protective activity of S-IgA at mucosal surfaces.  124:57-62. 2009
  • CD5 plays an inhibitory role in the suppressive function of murine CD4+ CD25+ Treg cells.  119:103-113. 2008
  • Induction of regulatory dendritic cells by dexamethasone and 1α,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3.  91:63-69. 2004
  • CD8 CTL responses in vaccines: Emerging patterns of HLA restriction and epitope recognition.  79:37-45. 2001
  • Cytokine production by T helper cell subpopulations during prolonged in vitro stimulation.  27:85-93. 1991
  • Subpopulations of B lymphocytes in germinal centers, II. A germinal center B cell subpopulation expresses sIgD and CD23.  21:201-208. 1989
  • Monoclonal antibody against a peptide specified by [Met]- enkephalin complementary RNA recognizes the delta-class opioid receptor.  20:181-186. 1989
  • Heterogeneity of binding of monoclonal IgA to staphylococcal protein A is related to the IgA polymerization state.  16:11-14. 1987
  • Study of the DBA/2Ha immunodeficiency: X-chromosome mosaicism and in vivo immunoresponses.  15:179-185. 1987
  • Interleukin 1-like factor produced by a hybrid of an adherent mouse spleen cell and a thymoma cell.  13:143-149. 1986
  • Ontogeny of J chain expression in pig lymphocytes.  10:287-291. 1985
  • Streptococcus mutans serotype g carbohydrate antigen is a B-cell mitogen.  3:129-131. 1981
  • Evidence for partial defect in stem cell function induced in mice by neonatal thymectomy.  1:133-136. 1979
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