Marine Ecology: Progress Series


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  • Ocean warming and acidification alter Antarctic macroalgal biochemical composition but not amphipod grazer feeding preferences.  581:45-56. 2017
  • Seawater acidification more than warming presents a challenge for two Antarctic macroalgal-associated amphipods.  554:81-97. 2016
  • Covering behavior of deep-water echinoids in Antarctica: Possible response to predatory king crabs.  553:155-162. 2016
  • Genotypic diversity in a non-native ecosystem engineer has variable impacts on productivity.  556:79-89. 2016
  • Tolerance and sequestration of macroalgal chemical defenses by an Antarctic amphipod: A 'cheater' among mutualists.  490:79-90. 2013
  • δ13C and δ18O signatures from sea urchin skeleton: Importance of diet type in metabolic contributions.  476:153-166. 2013
  • Diet-dependent δ 13C and δ 15N fractionation among sea urchin Lytechinus variegatus tissues: Implications for food web models.  462:175-190. 2012
  • Host hybridization alters specificity of cnidarian-dinoflagellate associations.  420:113-123. 2010
  • Habitat choice and predator avoidance by Antarctic amphipods: The roles of algal chemistry and morphology.  400:155-163. 2010
  • Effects of ocean acidification over the life history of the barnacle Amphibalanus amphitrite.  385:179-187. 2009
  • Palatability and chemical defenses of sponges from the western Antarctic Peninsula.  385:77-85. 2009
  • Multibeam echosounder observations reveal interactions between Antarctic krill and air-breathing predators.  378:199-209. 2009
  • Intraspecific agonistic arm-fencing behavior in the Antarctic keystone sea star Odontaster validus influences prey acquisition.  371:297-300. 2008
  • Comprehensive evaluation of the palatability and chemical defenses of subtidal macroalgae from the Antarctic Peninsula.  294:141-159. 2005
  • An antarctic feeding triangle: Defensive interactions between macroalgae, sea urchins, and sea anemones.  183:105-114. 1999
  • Ecological roles for water-borne metabolites from Antarctic soft corals.  161:133-144. 1997
  • Palatability and chemical defense of eggs, embryos and larvae of shallow-water antarctic marine invertebrates.  154:121-131. 1997
  • Deposit feeding: a novel mode of nutrition in the Antarctic colonial soft coral Gersemia antarctica.  149:299-304. 1997
  • Trophic biology of Antarctic shallow-water echinoderms.  111:191-202. 1994
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