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  • Variation in the response to exercise stimulation in Drosophila: marathon runner versus sprinter genotypes.  223. 2020
  • Variation in the response to exercise stimulation in Drosophila: marathon runner versus sprinter genotypes. 2020
  • Lower extremity joints and muscle groups in the human locomotor system alter mechanical functions to meet task demand.  222. 2019
  • MiR-210 expression is associated with methionine-induced differentiation of trout satellite cells.  220:2932-2938. 2017
  • Epigenetic linkage of aging, cancer and nutrition.  218:59-70. 2015
  • Hemolymph circulation in insect sensory appendages: Functional mechanics of antennal accessory pulsatile organs (auxiliary hearts) in the mosquito Anopheles gambiae.  217:3006-3014. 2014
  • A Conserved Role for the 20S Proteasome and Nrf2 Transcription Factor in Oxidative-Stress Adaptation in Mammals, C. elegans and D. melanogaster..  109. 2013
  • Urotensin II and its receptor in the killifish gill: Regulators of NaCl extrusion.  214:3985-3991. 2011
  • Relationship between oxidizable fatty acid content and level of antioxidant glutathione peroxidases in marine fish.  214:3751-3759. 2011
  • Endothelin and endothelin converting enzyme-1 in the fish gill: Evolutionary and physiological perspectives.  210:4286-4297. 2007
  • COX2 in a euryhaline teleost, Fundulus heteroclitus: Primary sequence, distribution, localization, and potential function in gills during salinity acclimation.  209:1696-1708. 2006
  • Variations in respiratory muscle activity during echolocation when stationary in three species of bat (Microchiroptera: Vespertilionidae).  204:4185-4197. 2001
  • Sodium-dependent norepinephrine-induced currents in norepinephrine-transporter-transfected HEK-293 cells blocked by cocaine and antidepressants.  198:2197-2212. 1995
  • Respiratory muscle activity in relation to vocalization in flying bats..  198:175-191. 1995
  • Doppler-shift compensation by the mustached bat: quantitative data..  188:115-129. 1994
  • Ultrasonic vocalizations of flying bats monitored by radiotelemetry..  173:43-58. 1992
  • Regulation of ecdysone biosynthesis in the tobacco hornworm, Manduca sexta: titre of the haemolymph stimulatory factor during the last larval instar..  128:159-173. 1987
  • Reversible changes in the intracellular potassium ion activities and membrane potentials of Aplysia L2-L6 neurones in response to normoxia and hypoxia.  Vol. 102:79-92. 1983
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