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  • Proinflammatory pathways are activated in the human q344x rhodopsin knock-in mouse model of retinitis pigmentosa.  11. 2021
  • Apolipoprotein mimetic peptides: An emerging therapy against diabetic inflammation and dyslipidemia.  11. 2021
  • Circulating levels of the heparan sulfate proteoglycan syndecan-4 positively associate with blood pressure in healthy premenopausal women.  11:1-12. 2021
  • Extra virgin olive oil phenols vasodilate rat mesenteric resistance artery via phospholipase c (Plc)-calcium microdomains-potassium channels (bkca) signals.  11:1-12. 2021
  • The impact of the ca2+-independent phospholipase a2 β (Ipla2 β) on immune cells.  11. 2021
  • Metabolic effects of selective deletion of group via phospholipase a2 from macrophages or pancreatic islet beta-cells.  10:1-23. 2020
  • Sphingolipid metabolism in glioblastoma and metastatic brain tumors: A review of sphingomyelinases and sphingosine-1-phosphate.  10:1-23. 2020
  • Upregulation of sortilin, a lysosomal sorting receptor, corresponds with reduced bioavailability of latent TGFβ in mucolipidosis II cells.  10. 2020
  • Generation of retinaldehyde for retinoic acid biosynthesis.  10. 2020
  • IRE1 endoribonuclease activity modulates hypoxic hif-1α signaling in human endothelial cells.  10:1-14. 2020
  • Administration of enalapril started late in life attenuates hypertrophy and oxidative stress burden, increases mitochondrial mass, and modulates mitochondrial quality control signaling in the rat heart.  8. 2018
  • The molecular circadian clock and alcohol-induced liver injury.  5:2504-2537. 2015
  • Growth factor dependent regulation of centrosome function and genomic instability by HuR.  5:263-281. 2015
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