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  • Delta-8-THC association with psychosis: A case report with literature review.  14. 2023
  • In vivo Experience With NRT to Increase Adherence and Smoking Abstinence Among Individuals in the Criminal Legal System: Study Protocol for a Randomized Clinical Trial.  13. 2022
  • The Relationship Between Resting Cerebral Blood Flow, Neurometabolites, Cardio-Respiratory Fitness and Aging-Related Cognitive Decline.  13. 2022
  • Add-On MEmaNtine to Dopamine Antagonism to Improve Negative Symptoms at First Psychosis- the AMEND Trial Protocol.  13. 2022
  • A Systematic Review of Opioid Use Disorder and Related Biomarkers.  12. 2021
  • An Exploratory Analysis of the Association Between Catechol-O-Methyltransferase and Response to a Randomized Open-Label Placebo Treatment for Cancer-Related Fatigue.  12. 2021
  • Autism-Associated Variant in the SLC6A3 Gene Alters the Oral Microbiome and Metabolism in a Murine Model.  12. 2021
  • Neuroimaging as a Window Into the Pathophysiological Mechanisms of Schizophrenia.  12. 2021
  • Genetic Polymorphisms on OPRM1, DRD2, DRD4, and COMT in Young Adults: Lack of Association With Alcohol Consumption.  11. 2020
  • Population Survey Data Informing the Therapeutic Potential of Classic and Novel Phenethylamine, Tryptamine, and Lysergamide Psychedelics.  10. 2020
  • Determinants of community integration among formerly homeless veterans who received supportive housing.  10. 2019
  • Gyrification Connectomes in Unmedicated Patients With Schizophrenia and Following a Short Course of Antipsychotic Drug Treatment.  9. 2018
  • A Longitudinal Multimodal Neuroimaging Study to Examine Relationships Between Resting State Glutamate and Task Related BOLD Response in Schizophrenia.  9. 2018
  • Fronto-temporal connectivity predicts ECT outcome in major depression.  9. 2018
  • Evaluation of the association between genetic variants in circadian rhythm genes and posttraumatic stress symptoms identifies a potential functional allele in the transcription factor TEF.  9. 2018
  • Response to: Commentary: Sex differences in the peripheral immune system in patients with depression.  8. 2017
  • Sex differences in the peripheral immune system in patients with depression.  8. 2017
  • Risperidone effects on brain dynamic connectivity-A prospective resting-state fMRI study in Schizophrenia.  8. 2017
  • A Pilot Study of the Effects of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction on Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms and Brain Response to Traumatic Reminders of Combat in Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom Combat Veterans with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder..  8:157. 2017
  • Enoxacin elevates microRNA levels in rat frontal cortex and prevents learned helplessness.  5. 2014
  • Ocular convergence deficits in schizophrenia.  3. 2012
  • Antipsychotic drugs alter functional connectivity between the medial frontal cortex, hippocampus, and nucleus accumbens as measured by H215O PET.  3. 2012
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