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  • A cluster randomized controlled trial comparing Virtual Learning Collaborative and Technical Assistance strategies to implement an early palliative care program for patients with advanced cancer and their caregivers: a study protocol.  16. 2021
  • Preferences for peer-reviewed versus other publication sources: A survey of general dentists in the National Dental PBRN.  14. 2019
  • Toward optimal implementation of cancer prevention and control programs in public health: A study protocol on mis-implementation.  13. 2018
  • Barriers and facilitators to reducing frequent laboratory testing for patients who are stable on warfarin: A mixed methods study of de-implementation in five anticoagulation clinics.  12. 2017
  • Capacity building for evidence-based decision making in local health departments: Scaling up an effective training approach.  9. 2014
  • GRAIDs: A framework for closing the gap in the availability of health promotion programs and interventions for people with disabilities.  9. 2014
  • The practice of 'doing' evaluation: Lessons learned from nine complex intervention trials in action.  9. 2014
  • Peering into the black box: A meta-analysis of how clinicians use decision aids during clinical encounters.  9. 2014
  • Practice change toward better adherence to evidence-based treatment of early dental decay in the National Dental PBRN.  9:177. 2014
  • The future of quality improvement research.  8. 2013
  • Preventive evidence into practice (PEP) study: Implementation of guidelines to prevent primary vascular disease in general practice protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial.  8. 2013
  • Methods and metrics challenges of delivery-system research.  7. 2012
  • Recruitment activities for a nationwide, population-based, group-randomized trial: The VA MI-Plus study.  6. 2011
  • The QUIT-PRIMO provider-patient Internet-delivered smoking cessation referral intervention: A cluster-randomized comparative effectiveness trial: Study protocol.  5. 2010
  • Multiple uncontrolled conditions and blood pressure medication intensification: An observational study.  5. 2010
  • 'Correctiom:'Peer chart audits: A tool to meet Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) competency in practice-based learning and improvement.  2. 2007
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