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  • Using “Learn the Signs. Act Early” to Influence the Caregiver and Educator Relationship and Increase Collaboration of Developmental Monitoring in Early Head Start Settings 2022
  • Exploring Saudi Kindergarten Teachers’ Views and Uses of School, Family, and Community Partnerships Practices.  49:451-462. 2021
  • Evaluation of the Feasibility and Perceived Value of Integrating Learn the Signs. Act Early. Developmental Monitoring Resources in Early Head Start 2021
  • Exploring Kuwaiti Preservice Early Childhood Teachers’ Beliefs About Using Web 2.0 Technologies.  48:715-725. 2020
  • Examining Effects of Poverty, Maternal Depression, and Children’s Self-Regulation Abilities on the Development of Language and Cognition in Early Childhood: An Early Head Start Perspective.  45:493-498. 2017
  • Preschool Children’s Exposure to Media, Technology, and Screen Time: Perspectives of Caregivers from Three Early Childcare Settings.  44:437-444. 2016
  • Preschool children’s exposure to media, technology, and screen time: Perspectives of caregivers from three early childcare settings.  44:437-444. 2016
  • Developing oral language in primary classrooms.  32:391-395. 2005
  • Learning about environmental print through picture books.  24:33-36. 1996
  • Hyperactive or "activity hyper": Helping young children attend in appropriate environments.  17:29-32. 1990
  • Staff development ideas.  17:26. 1990
  • Helping children build self-esteem.  17:4-7. 1989
  • Young children teach themselves to read and write.  15:29-31. 1987
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