JMIR Research Protocols


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  • Study of Treatment and Reproductive Outcomes among Reproductive-Age Women with HIV Infection in the Southern United States: Protocol for a Longitudinal Cohort Study.  10. 2021
  • Disability-inclusive diabetes self-management telehealth program: Protocol for a pilot and feasibility study.  10. 2021
  • Telehealth behavioral intervention for diabetes management in adults with physical disabilities: Intervention fidelity protocol for a randomized controlled trial.  10. 2021
  • Design and rationale for the deep south interactive voice response system-supported active lifestyle study: Protocol for a randomized controlled trial.  10. 2021
  • Development of an emergency department-based intervention to expand access to medications for opioid use disorder in a medicaid nonexpansion setting: Protocol for engagement and community collaboration.  10. 2021
  • The diabetes location, environmental attributes, and disparities network: Protocol for nested case control and cohort studies, rationale, and baseline characteristics.  9. 2020
  • Improving adherence to adjuvant hormonal therapy among disadvantaged women diagnosed with breast cancer in south carolina: Proposal for a multimethod study.  9. 2020
  • Remote assessment of functional mobility and strength in older cancer survivors: Protocol for a validity and reliability study.  9. 2020
  • Stories to communicate individual risk for opioid prescriptions for back and kidney stone pain: Protocol for the life storried multicenter randomized clinical trial.  9. 2020
  • COVID-19 modifications for remote teleassessment and teletraining of a complementary alternative medicine intervention for people with multiple sclerosis: Protocol for a randomized controlled trial.  9. 2020
  • Digital tracking of rheumatoid arthritis longitudinally (digital) using biosensor and patient-reported outcome data: Protocol for a real-world study.  8. 2019
  • An intervention for changing sedentary behavior among African Americans with multiple sclerosis: Protocol.  8. 2019
  • EHealth-based behavioral intervention for increasing physical activity in persons with multiple sclerosis: Fidelity protocol for a randomized controlled trial.  8. 2019
  • Using an mHealth App to Transition Care of Type 1 Diabetes from Parents to Teens: Protocol for a Pilot Study.  7. 2018
  • A web-based data collection platform for multisite randomized behavioral intervention trials: Development, key software features, and results of a user survey.  6. 2017
  • Assessment of active video gaming using adapted controllers by individuals with physical disabilities: A protocol.  6. 2017
  • Testing a computerized cognitive training protocol in adults aging with HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders: Randomized controlled trial rationale and protocol.  6. 2017
  • Parent and Clinician Preferences for an Asthma App to Promote Adolescent Self-Management: A Formative Study..  5:e229. 2016
  • A randomized controlled trial protocol to evaluate the effectiveness of an integrated care management approach to improve adherence among HIV-infected patients in routine clinical care: Rationale and design.  5. 2016
  • "Everybody brush!": protocol for a parallel-group randomized controlled trial of a family-focused primary prevention program with distribution of oral hygiene products and education to increase frequency of toothbrushing..  4:e58. 2015
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  • 1929-0748
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  • 1929-0748