Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2015 Pain Management Issues for the Geriatric Surgical PatientAnesthesiology Clinics.  33:563-576. 2015
2010 Intravenous lidocaine reduces ischemic pain in healthy volunteers 2010


Year Title Altmetric
2016 Essence of Anesthesia Practices 2016
2010 Essence of Anesthesia Pracitce 2010
2005 Koller and Halsted at the University of Vienna in the 1870's.  14-17. 2005

Research Overview

  • Major research interests include treatment of acute pain, regional anesthesia and treatment of
    Pain in palliative and geriatric patient population. History of Anesthesia.
  • Education And Training

  • University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Internship
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham Anesthesiology, Residency
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham Anesthesiology, Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Doctor of Medicine, University of Tennessee System : Memphis 2000
  • Bachelor of Science or Mathematics in Biology / Biological Sciences, University of Memphis 1995
  • Full Name

  • Jason McKeown