Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2022 Baseline host determinants of robust human HIV-1 vaccine-induced immune responses: A meta-analysis of 26 vaccine regimensEBioMedicine.  84. 2022
2022 Monitoring SARS-CoV-2 Infection Using a Double Reporter-Expressing VirusMicrobiology Spectrum.  10. 2022
2022 Potent universal beta-coronavirus therapeutic activity mediated by direct respiratory administration of a Spike S2 domain-specific human neutralizing monoclonal antibodyPLoS Pathogens.  18. 2022
2022 Monitoring SARS-CoV-2 infection using a double reporter-expressing virus 2022
2022 Immunization with recombinant accessory protein-deficient SARS-CoV-2 protects against lethal challenge and viral transmission. 2022
2022 Potent universal-coronavirus therapeutic activity mediated by direct respiratory administration of a Spike S2 domain-specific human neutralizing monoclonal antibody. 2022
2021 CD4+ T Cells Are Dispensable for Induction of Broad Heterologous HIV Neutralizing Antibodies in Rhesus MacaquesFrontiers in Immunology.  12. 2021
2021 Analysis of SARS-CoV-2 infection dynamic in vivo using reporter-expressing virusesProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of USA.  118. 2021
2021 Duration of post-COVID-19 symptoms is associated with sustained SARS-CoV-2-specific immune responsesJCI insight.  6. 2021
2021 Epitope Classification and RBD Binding Properties of Neutralizing Antibodies Against SARS-CoV-2 Variants of ConcernFrontiers in Immunology.  12. 2021
2021 Generation and characterization of recombinant SARS-CoV-2 expressing reporter genesJournal of Virology.  95. 2021
2021 Selection, identification, and characterization of SARS-CoV-2 monoclonal antibody resistant mutantsJournal of Virological Methods.  290. 2021
2021 Therapeutic activity of an inhaled potent SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing human monoclonal antibody in hamsters 2021
2021 Polyfunctional tier 2-neutralizing antibodies cloned following hiv-1 env macaque immunization mirror native antibodies in a human donorJournal of Immunology.  206:999-1012. 2021
2021 Sustained cellular immune dysregulation in individuals recovering from SARS-CoV-2 infectionJournal of Clinical Investigation.  131. 2021
2021 Rapid in vitro assays for screening neutralizing antibodies and antivirals against SARS-CoV-2Journal of Virological Methods.  287. 2021
2020 Impact of vaccine type on HIV-1 vaccine elicited antibody durability and B cell gene signatureScientific Reports.  10. 2020
2020 Cloning and functional testing of rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta) IL-9 and IL-33Journal of Medical Primatology.  49:144-152. 2020
2020 Persistence of HIV-1 Env-Specific Plasmablast Lineages in Plasma Cells after Vaccination in Humans 2020
2020 A broad and potent H1-specific human monoclonal antibody produced in plants prevents influenza virus infection and transmission in guinea pigs 2020
2020 A broad and potent H1-specific human monoclonal antibody produced in plants prevents influenza virus infection and transmission in Guinea pigsViruses.  12. 2020
2019 DNA priming and gp120 boosting induces HIV-specific antibodies in a randomized clinical trialJournal of Clinical Investigation.  129:4769-4785. 2019
2019 Identification of variant HIV envelope proteins with enhanced affinities for precursors to anti-gp41 broadly neutralizing antibodiesPLoS One.  14. 2019
2019 IL-33 enhances the kinetics and quality of the antibody response to a DNA and protein-based HIV-1 Env vaccineVaccine.  37:2322-2330. 2019
2019 Broad and protective influenza B virus neuraminidase antibodies in humans after vaccination and their clonal persistence as plasma cellsmBio.  10:1-17. 2019
2018 A highly potent and broadly neutralizing H1 influenza-specific human monoclonal antibodyScientific Reports.  8. 2018
2018 Display of the HIV envelope protein at the yeast cell surface for immunogen developmentPLoS One.  13. 2018
2017 Curaxin CBL0100 blocks HIV-1 replication and reactivation through inhibition of viral transcriptional elongationFrontiers in Microbiology.  8. 2017
2017 A novel bromodomain inhibitor reverses HIV-1 latency through specific binding with BRD4 to promote Tat and P-TEFb associationFrontiers in Microbiology.  8. 2017
2017 Pre-existing neutralizing antibody mitigates B cell dysregulation and enhances the Envspecific antibody response in SHIV-infected rhesus macaquesPLoS One.  12. 2017
2016 Increased Steady-State Memory B Cell Subsets among High-Risk Participants in an HIV Vaccine TrialAIDS Research and Human Retroviruses.  32:1143-1148. 2016
2016 Humoral dysregulation associated with increased systemic inflammation among injection heroin usersPLoS One.  11. 2016
2016 Identification of significant B cell associations with undetected observations using a Tobit modelStatistics and its Interface.  9:79-91. 2016
2015 Platelet activation in human immunodeficiency virus type-1 patients is not altered with cocaine abusePLoS One.  10. 2015
2015 Functional and Molecular Characteristics of Novel and Conserved Cross-Clade HIV Envelope Specific Human Monoclonal AntibodiesMonoclonal antibodies in immunodiagnosis and immunotherapy.  34:65-72. 2015
2014 Microbubble array diffusion assay for the detection of cell secreted factorsLab on a Chip: miniaturisation for chemistry, physics, biology, materials science and bioengineering.  14:3640-3650. 2014
2014 Cutting edge: An antibody recognizing ancestral endogenous virus glycoproteins mediates antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity on HIV-1-infected cellsJournal of Immunology.  193:1544-1548. 2014
2014 Transient decrease in human peripheral blood myeloid dendritic cells following influenza vaccination correlates with induction of serum antibodyImmunological Investigations: a journal of molecular and cellular immunology.  43:606-615. 2014
2013 Neutralizing polyclonal IgG present during acute infection prevents rapid disease onset in simian-human immunodeficiency virus SHIVSF162P3-infected infant rhesus macaquesJournal of Virology.  87:10447-10459. 2013
2013 Characterization of cell seeding and specific capture of B cells in microbubble well arraysBiomedical Microdevices.  15:453-463. 2013
2013 Anti-idiotypic monobodies derived from a fibronectin scaffoldBiochemistry.  52:1802-1813. 2013
2013 9G4+ antibodies isolated from HIV-infected patients neutralize HIV-1 and have distinct autoreactivity profilesPLoS One.  8. 2013
2012 Anti-idiotypic monobodies for immune response profilingMethods.  58:62-68. 2012
2012 9G4 autoreactivity is increased in HIV-infected patients and correlates with HIV broadly neutralizing serum activityPLoS One.  7. 2012
2011 Decreased influenza-specific B cell responses in rheumatoid arthritis patients treated with anti-tumor necrosis factorArthritis Research and Therapy.  13. 2011
2010 Peak frequencies of circulating human influenza-specific antibody secreting cells correlate with serum antibody response after immunizationVaccine.  28:3582-3587. 2010
2010 Human basophils express amphiregulin in response to T cell-derived IL-3Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.  126. 2010
2009 T helper cytokine patterns: Defined subsets, random expression, and external modulationImmunologic Research.  45:173-184. 2009
2009 Human follicular lymphoma CD39+-infiltrating T cells contribute to adenosine-mediated T cell hyporesponsivenessJournal of Immunology.  183:6157-6166. 2009
2009 An 11-color flow cytometric assay for identifying, phenotyping, and assessing endocytic ability of peripheral blood dendritic cell subsets in a single platformJournal of Immunological Methods.  341:106-116. 2009
2009 Frequencies of human influenza-specific antibody secreting cells or plasmablasts post vaccination from fresh and frozen peripheral blood mononuclear cellsJournal of Immunological Methods.  340:42-47. 2009
2008 Automated analysis of two- and three-color fluorescent Elispot (Fluorospot) assays for cytokine secretionComputer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine.  92:54-65. 2008
2007 Temporal and spatial changes of histone 3 K4 dimethylation at the IFN-γ gene during Th1 and Th2 cell differentiationJournal of Immunology.  179:6410-6415. 2007
2006 Amphiregulin, a TH2 cytokine enhancing resistance to nematodesScience.  314:1746. 2006
2006 T regulatory and primed uncommitted CD4 T cells express CD73, which suppresses effector CD4 T cells by converting 5′-adenosine monophosphate to adenosineJournal of Immunology.  177:6780-6786. 2006
2006 Short-term dietary administration of celecoxib enhances the efficacy of tumor lysate-pulsed dendritic cell vaccines in treating murine breast cancerInternational Journal of Cancer.  118:2220-2231. 2006
2005 CD73 and Ly-6A/E distinguish in vivo primed but uncommitted mouse CD4 T cells from type 1 or type 2 effector cellsJournal of Immunology.  175:6458-6464. 2005
2004 α-tocopheryl succinate sensitizes established tumors to vaccination with nonmatured dendritic cellsCancer Immunology Immunotherapy.  53:580-588. 2004
2003 Immunosuppressive role of transforming growth factor beta in breast cancerClinical and Applied Immunology Reviews.  3:277-287. 2003
2003 Transforming growth factor β inhibits the antigen-presenting functions and antitumor activity of dendritic cell vaccinesCancer Research.  63:1860-1864. 2003
2001 Comparative analysis of IFN-γ B7.1 and antisense TGF-β gene transfer on the tumorigenicity of a poorly immunogenic metastatic mammary carcinomaCancer Immunology Immunotherapy.  50:229-240. 2001
2001 Invasion and metastasis of a mammary tumor involves TGF-β signalingInternational Journal of Cancer.  91:76-82. 2001
1994 Toughness response of electrodes within arc furnace cyclingMaterials Evaluation.  52. 1994

Research Overview

  • The Kobie Laboratory is focused on translational B cell immunology. Through the development of high throughput and high resolution technologies the lab dissects the mechanisms of protective and pathogenic B cell and antibody responses to advance vaccine development and disease therapeutics, with a primary focus on HIV and influenza.
  • Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Microbiology and Immunology, University of Arizona 2003
  • Full Name

  • James Kobie