Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2018 Educating Physicians for Rural America: Validating Successes and Identifying Remaining Challenges With the Rural Medical Scholars ProgramJournal of Rural Health.  34:s65-s74. 2018
2017 The Relationship Between Third-year Clerkship Allocation Method and Specialty ChoiceGHS Proc.  2:38-42. 2017
2015 Integration of gross anatomy in an organ system-based medical curriculum: Strategies and challengesAnatomical Sciences Education.  8:266-274. 2015
2011 The rural medical scholars program study: Data to inform rural health policyJournal of the American Board of Family Medicine.  24:93-101. 2011
2007 Rural health leaders pipeline, 1990-2005: Case study of a second-generation rural medical education program 2007
2004 Low attendance by basic science educators at medical education meetings 2004
2003 Premedical education: The contribution of small local collegesJournal of Rural Health.  19:181-189. 2003
1996 Relationships among performance scores of four diagnostic decision support systems.Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association.  3:208-215. 1996
1996 Relationships among Performance Scores of Four Diagnostic Decision Support SystemsEmerging Infectious Diseases.  3:208-215. 1996
1994 Performance of four computer-based diagnostic systemsNew England Journal of Medicine.  330:1792-1796. 1994
1994 Reliability and validity of a newly developed test of physical work performanceJournal of occupational medicine. : official publication of the Industrial Medical Association.  36:997-1004. 1994
1993 Comparison of problem-based and traditional education on student performance in the obstetrics and gynecology clerkshipObstetrics and Gynecology.  82:159-161. 1993
1993 Use of self ‐ administered joint counts in the evaluation of rheumatoid arthritis patientsArthritis and Rheumatism.  6:78-81. 1993
1992 Organizational planning: A program evaluation survey of AACE membersJournal of Cancer Education.  7:63-66. 1992
1991 Contraceptive female sterilization in Alabama: A replication of the WHO studyContraception.  43:325-333. 1991
1991 Psychosocial Impact of Tubal Ligation in Alabama WomenJournal of Applied Social Psychology.  21:1248-1264. 1991
1990 A comparison of prone and sitting on heart rates, respiration rates, and arterial oxygen saturation levels of premature infantsPediatric Physical Therapy.  2:196-201. 1990
1990 Effect of helium-neon laser auriculotherapy on experimental pain thresholdPhysical Therapy.  70:24-30. 1990
1990 Effects of auricular acupuncture-like transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation on pain levels following wound care in patients with burns: A pilot study 1990
1990 Rheumatology algorithms for primary care physiciansArthritis and Rheumatism.  3:71-77. 1990
1990 Rheumatology algorithms for primary care physiciansArthritis and Rheumatism.  3:71-77. 1990
1989 Placebo effect in TENS study? (I: reply)Physical Therapy.  69:1119-1120. 1989
1989 Balance performance and step width in noninstitutionalized, elderly, female fallers and nonfallersPhysical Therapy.  69:923-931. 1989
1989 Comparison of effects of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation of auricular, somatic, and the combination of auricular and somatic acupuncture points on experimental pain thresholdPhysical Therapy.  69:671-678. 1989
1989 Effects of auricular transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation on distal extremity pain: A pilot studyPhysical Therapy.  69:10-17. 1989
1989 Evaluation Issues in the Development of Expert Systems in MedicineEvaluation and the Health Professions.  12:270-281. 1989
1989 Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation in the relief of primary dysmenorrheaPhysical Therapy.  69:3-9. 1989
1988 Effect of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation at auricular points on experimental cutaneous pain thresholdPhysical Therapy.  68:328-332. 1988
1988 Electrical conductance at auricular acupuncture points during dysmenorrheaClinical Journal of Pain.  4:183-190. 1988
1987 Effects of unilateral and bilateral auricular transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation on cutaneous pain thresholdPhysical Therapy.  67:507-511. 1987
1985 Relationships among the mcat reading subtest, nelson-denny reading test, and medical school achievementJournal of medical education.  60:478-480. 1985
1982 The relationship between prior clerkship experience and student performance in medicine clerkships Implications for grading 1982
1981 Validity of the new MCAT for predicting GPA and NBME Part I examination performanceJournal of medical education.  56:767-769. 1981

Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology, University of Alabama 1979
  • Master of Arts in Educational Psychology, University of Alabama 1975
  • Full Name

  • James Jackson