Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2022 Combined inhibition of BET bromodomain and mTORC1/2 provides therapeutic advantage for rhabdomyosarcoma by switching cell death mechanismMolecular Carcinogenesis.  61:737-751. 2022
2022 Serine-threonine Kinase Receptor-Associated Protein is a Critical Mediator of APC Mutation–Induced Intestinal Tumorigenesis Through a Feed-Forward MechanismGastroenterology.  162:193-208. 2022
2020 STRAP regulates alternative splicing fidelity during lineage commitment of mouse embryonic stem cellsNature Communications.  11. 2020
2020 STRAP regulates alternative splicing fidelity during lineage commitment of mouse embryonic stem cellsNature Communications2020
2018 Serine Threonine Kinase Receptor-Associated Protein Deficiency Impairs Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells Lineage Commitment Through CYP26A1-Mediated Retinoic Acid HomeostasisStem Cells.  36:1368-1379. 2018
2017 STRAP promotes stemness of human colorectal cancer via epigenetic regulation of the NOTCH pathwayaCancer Research.  77:5464-5478. 2017
2016 Role of TGF-β-induced Claudin-4 expression through c-Jun signaling in non-small cell lung cancerCellular Signalling.  28:1537-1544. 2016
2016 Effect of cigarette smoking on Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) in lung cancerJournal of Clinical Medicine.  5. 2016
2016 Novel role of STRAP in progression and metastasis of colorectal cancer through Wnt/β-catenin signalingOncotarget.  7:16023-16037. 2016
2015 An epigenetic auto-feedback loop regulates TGF-β type II receptor expression and function in NSCLCOncotarget.  6:33237-33252. 2015
2014 Oncogenic STRAP functions as a novel negative regulator of E-cadherin and p21Cip1 by modulating the transcription factor Sp1Cell Cycle.  13:3909-3920. 2014

Research Overview

  • Education And Training

  • Vanderbilt University; University of Alabama at Birmingham, Postdoctoral Research
  • Doctor of Philosophy Level Degree in Biomedical / Medical Engineering, Jinan University 2009
  • Master of Science in Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology, Lanzhou University 2005
  • Doctor of Medicine in Clinical / Medical Laboratory Science and Allied Professions, Lanzhou University 2002
  • Full Name

  • Lin Jin