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2021 Evaluation of Training Gaps among Public Health Practitioners in Washington StateJournal of Public Health Management and Practice.  27:473-483. 2021
2021 Is dietary pattern a mediator of the relationship between socioeconomic status and dental caries?Clinical Oral Investigations.  25:5441-5447. 2021
2021 Association between motor proficiency and oral health in people with intellectual disabilitiesJournal of Intellectual Disability Research.  65:489-499. 2021
2021 Professionally and Self-Applied Fluorides are Effective in Preventing Dental Root CariesJournal of Evidence-Based Dental Practice.  21. 2021
2021 Food processing and its association with dental caries: Data from NHANES 2011-2014Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology2021
2021 Medical–Dental Integration in a Rural Community Health Center: A Qualitative Program EvaluationHealth Promotion Practice2021
2020 Organizational Readiness to Implement System Changes in an Alaskan Tribal Dental Care OrganizationJDR Clinical and Translational Research.  5:156-165. 2020
2020 Parents' satisfaction with silver diamine fluoride treatment of carious lesions in childrenJournal of Dentistry for Children.  87:4-11. 2020
2019 Caregiver satisfaction with interim silver diamine fluoride applications for their children with caries prior to operating room treatment or sedationJournal of Public Health Dentistry.  79:286-291. 2019
2019 Limited Evidence Suggests That Many Types of Desensitizing Toothpaste May Reduce Dentin Hypersensitivity, but Not the Ones With Strontium or Amorphous Calcium PhosphateJournal of Evidence-Based Dental Practice.  19. 2019
2019 A survey of caregiver acculturation and acceptance of silver diamine fluoride treatment for childhood cariesBMC Oral Health.  19. 2019
2019 Randomized Trial Based on the Common-Sense Model of Self-regulation to Increase Child Dental VisitsJDR Clinical and Translational Research.  4:323-332. 2019
2019 Fluoride Varnish and Dental Caries in Preschoolers: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisCaries Research.  53:502-513. 2019
2019 Prevalence of dentin hypersensitivity: Systematic review and meta-analysisJournal of Dentistry.  81:1-6. 2019
2018 Controlling caries in exposed root surfaces with silver diamine fluoride: A systematic review with meta-analysisJournal of the American Dental Association.  149:671-679.e1. 2018
2018 Dental health aides in Alaska: A qualitative assessment to improve paediatric oral health in remote rural villagesCommunity Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology.  46:416-424. 2018
2018 Added Sugar Consumption and Chronic Oral Disease Burden among Adolescents in BrazilJournal of Dental Research.  97:508-514. 2018
2018 Pay-for-performance incentive program in a large dental group practiceJournal of the American Dental Association.  149:348-352. 2018
2017 Care delivery and compensation system changes: A case study of organizational readiness within a large dental care practice organization in the United StatesBMC Oral Health.  17. 2017
2017 Everybody brush! Consumer satisfaction with a tooth decay prevention programFrontiers in Public Health.  5. 2017
2017 Are tooth decay prevention visits in primary care before age 2 years effective?JAMA Pediatrics.  171:321-322. 2017
2015 Family Access to a Dentist Study (FADS): A multi-center randomized controlled trialContemporary Clinical Trials.  45:177-183. 2015
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2015 "Everybody brush!": protocol for a parallel-group randomized controlled trial of a family-focused primary prevention program with distribution of oral hygiene products and education to increase frequency of toothbrushing.JMIR Research Protocols.  4:e58. 2015
2015 Practicing evidence-based orthodontics: How to critically appraise a randomized controlled trial 2015
2015 Prevalence of pain in the orofacial regions in patients visiting general dentists in the Northwest Practice-based REsearch Collaborative in Evidence-based DENTistry research networkJournal of the American Dental Association.  146:721-728.e3. 2015
2015 Tooth wear and the role of salivary measures in general practice patientsClinical Oral Investigations.  19:85-95. 2015
2014 Oral hygiene behaviors and caries experience in Northwest PRECEDENT patientsCommunity Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology.  42:526-535. 2014
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2013 The prevalence of dentin hypersensitivity in general dental practices in the northwest United StatesJournal of the American Dental Association.  144:288-296. 2013
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2009 Infant formula and enamel fluorosis A systematic reviewJournal of the American Dental Association.  140:841-854. 2009
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2007 Edentulous Motherhood is Associated with Child CariesJournal of Evidence-Based Dental Practice.  7:178-179. 2007
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2006 Thyroid shields and neck exposures in cephalometric radiography 2006
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2005 Human leukocyte antigen combinations may be risk factors for periodontal diseaseJournal of Evidence-Based Dental Practice.  5:43-44. 2005
2005 Teacher-supervised toothbrushing with fluoride has little effect on dental caries preventionJournal of Evidence-Based Dental Practice.  5:202-204. 2005
2004 Routine dental visits are associated with tooth retention in Brazilian adults: The pró-saúde studyJournal of Public Health Dentistry.  64:216-222. 2004
2003 Does periodontal disease cause cardiovascular disease? Analysis of epidemiological evidencesCadernos de Saúde Pública.  19:357-368. 2003


Year Title Altmetric
2014 The burden of dentine hypersensitivity.  34-44. 2014

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  • Doctor of Dental Science in Dentistry, University of Pernambuco 2006
  • Master of Public Health in Epidemiology, University of the State of Rio de Janeiro 2002
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  • Joana Silva