• Dr. He is a physician-scientist investigating innate immunity in chronic lung diseases. He is a graduate of UAB American Board of Internal Medicine Research Pathway. He finished his internal medicine residency and pulmonary and critical care medicine fellowship in 2019. He is an awardee of the Parker B. Francis Foundation Fellowship program which supports his research of new treatment of pulmonary fibrosis.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
    2022 Plasticity towards Rigidity: A Macrophage Conundrum in Pulmonary FibrosisInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences.  23. 2022
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    2022 Targeting Cpt1a-Bcl-2 interaction modulates apoptosis resistance and fibrotic remodelingCell Death and Differentiation.  29:118-132. 2022
    2021 Post-translational regulation of PGC-1α modulates fibrotic repair 2021
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    2010 Rac1-mediated mitochondrial H2O2 generation regulates MMP-9 gene expression in macrophages via inhibition of SP-1 and AP-1Journal of Biological Chemistry.  285:25062-25073. 2010

    Research Overview

  • Dr. He’s research is focused on defining the role of alveolar macrophages in lung fibrosis. He has previously shown that macrophages undergo different polarization process during fibrosis development and the process is regulated by redox signaling. His current work investigates NOX4 and its role in mediating lung macrophage polarization.

    Preliminary data from this work showed NOX4 promotes lung macrophages polarized into a pro-fibrotic phenotype via modulating mitochondrial biogenesis. He is working on generating a macrophage/monocyte specific NOX4 knock-out mice model to evaluate the role of lung macrophages in different pulmonary diseases.
  • Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy Level Degree in Radiation Biology / Radiobiology, University of Iowa 2014
  • Doctor of Medicine, 2009
  • Full Name

  • Chao He