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2022 Alpha Cell Thioredoxin-interacting Protein Deletion Improves Diabetes-associated Hyperglycemia and HyperglucagonemiaEndocrinology.  163. 2022
2021 Human Glucagon Expression Is under the Control of miR-320aEndocrinology.  162. 2021
2021 Human Glucagon Expression Is under the Control of miR-320a.Endocrinology.  162. 2021
2020 Identification of an Anti-diabetic, Orally Available Small Molecule that Regulates TXNIP Expression and Glucagon ActionCell Metabolism.  32:353-365.e8. 2020
2016 Islet ChREBP-β is increased in diabetes and controls ChREBP-α and glucose-induced gene expression via a negative feedback loopMolecular Metabolism.  5:1208-1215. 2016
2016 MiR-204 targets PERK and regulates UPR signaling and β-cell apoptosisMolecular Endocrinology.  30:917-924. 2016
2014 MicroRNA-200 is induced by thioredoxin-interacting protein and regulates Zeb1 protein signaling and beta cellJournal of Biological Chemistry.  289:36275-36283. 2014
2014 Characterization of calmodulin-fas death domain interaction: An integrated experimental and computational studyBiochemistry.  53:2680-2688. 2014
2014 Thioredoxin-interacting protein promotes islet amyloid polypeptide expression through miR-124a and FoxA2Journal of Biological Chemistry.  289:11807-11815. 2014
2014 Thioredoxin-interacting protein stimulates its own expression via a positive feedback loopMolecular Endocrinology.  28:674-680. 2014
2013 Thioredoxin-interacting protein regulates insulin transcription through microRNA-204Nature Medicine.  19:1141-1146. 2013
2013 FOXO1 competes with carbohydrate response element-binding protein (ChREBP) and inhibits thioredoxin-interacting protein (TXNIP) transcription in pancreatic beta cellsJournal of Biological Chemistry.  288:23194-23202. 2013
2012 Calcium channel blockers act through nuclear factor Y to control transcription of key cardiac genesMolecular Pharmacology.  82:541-549. 2012
2012 Preventing β-cell loss and diabetes with calcium channel blockersDiabetes.  61:848-856. 2012
2012 Reduced CaM/FLIP binding by a single point mutation in c-FLIP L modulates Fas-mediated apoptosis and decreases tumorigenesisLaboratory Investigation.  92:82-90. 2012
2011 Calmodulin mediates Fas-induced FADD-independent survival signaling in pancreatic cancer cells via activation of Src-Extracellular Signal-regulated Kinase (ERK)Journal of Biological Chemistry.  286:24776-24784. 2011
2011 Tamoxifen enhances therapeutic effects of gemcitabine on cholangiocarcinoma tumorigenesisLaboratory Investigation.  91:896-904. 2011
2009 Cloning and characterization of Prisilkin-39, a novel matrix protein serving a dual role in the prismatic layer formation from the oyster Pinctada fucataJournal of Biological Chemistry.  284:10841-10854. 2009
2007 N40, a novel nonacidic matrix protein from pearl oyster nacre, facilities nucleation of aragonite in vitroBiomacromolecules.  8:3597-3601. 2007
2007 Immunolocalization of an acid phosphatase from pearl oyster (Pinctada fucata) and its in vitro effects on calcium carbonate crystal formationMarine Biotechnology: an international journal focusing on marine genomics, molecular biology and biotechnology.  9:650-659. 2007
2007 Different effects of Pb2+ and Cu2+ on immune and antioxidant enzyme activities in the mantle of Pinctada fucataEnvironmental Toxicology and Pharmacology.  24:122-128. 2007
2006 Metal accumulation and enzyme activities in gills and digestive gland of pearl oyster (Pinctada fucata) exposed to copperComparative Biochemistry and Physiology C: Toxicology and Pharmacology.  144:184-190. 2006
2006 Purification and partial characterization of two acid phosphatase forms from pearl oyster (Pinctada fucata)Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology B: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.  143:229-235. 2006

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