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2022 Sustained, complete response to pexidartinib in a patient with CSF1R-mutated Erdheim–Chester diseaseAmerican Journal of Hematology2022
2021 Risk of mortality and second malignancies in primary myelofibrosis before and after ruxolitinib approval.Leukemia Research.  112:106770. 2021
2021 A population-based study of outcomes in polycythemia vera, essential thrombocythemia, and primary myelofibrosis in the United States from 2001 to 2015: Comparison with data from a Mayo Clinic single institutional seriesAmerican Journal of Hematology.  96:E464-E468. 2021
2021 Langerhans cell histiocytosis with lung involvement in isolation and multisystem disease: Staging, natural history, and comparative survivalAmerican Journal of Hematology.  96:1604-1610. 2021
2021 Healthcare utilization and spending among older patients diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphomaJournal of Geriatric Oncology.  12:1225-1232. 2021
2021 Histiocytic neoplasms, version 2.2021 2021
2021 Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on treatment patterns for US patients with metastatic solid cancer. 2021
2021 Single-agent cladribine as an effective front-line therapy for adults with Langerhans cell histiocytosisAmerican Journal of Hematology.  96:E146-E150. 2021
2021 The Tissue Issue: When to Biopsy Persistent or Refractory Disease in Classic Hodgkin LymphomaActa Haematologica.  144:130-131. 2021
2021 CHIPping away at Erdheim-Chester diseaseBlood.  137:434-436. 2021
2021 Acute Pancreatitis from Treatment with BRAF Inhibitors in Erdheim-Chester Disease: A Report from 2 Tertiary Referral CentersPancreas.  50:e6-e8. 2021
2021 Highlights of the Management of Adult Histiocytic Disorders: Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis, Erdheim-Chester Disease, Rosai-Dorfman Disease, and Hemophagocytic LymphohistiocytosisClinical Lymphoma, Myeloma and Leukemia.  21:e66-e75. 2021
2021 Mimics of Erdheim–Chester diseaseBritish Journal of Haematology2021
2021 Rosai-dorfman disease displays a unique monocyte-macrophage phenotype characterized by expression of OCT2American Journal of Surgical Pathology.  45:35-44. 2021
2020 Efficacy of BRAF-Inhibitor Therapy in BRAFV600E-Mutated Adult Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis 2020
2020 Low-dose vemurafenib monotherapy in BRAFV600E-mutated Erdheim-Chester disease 2020
2020 Survival and prognostic factors in patients with rectal squamous cell carcinoma 2020
2020 Erdheim-Chester disease: Consensus recommendations for evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment in the molecular eraBlood.  135:1929-1945. 2020
2020 Novel staging system using carbohydrate antigen (CA) 19-9 in extra-hepatic cholangiocarcinoma and its implications on overall survival: CA19-9 in the staging of extra-hepatic cholangiocarcinoma 2020
2020 Primary cutaneous lymphomas, version 2.2020. Featured updates to the NCCN guidelines 2020
2020 Association between facility volume and mortality of patients with classic Hodgkin lymphomaCancer.  126:757-764. 2020
2020 43-Year-Old Man With Polyuria and Bone PainMayo Clinic Proceedings.  95:e13-e18. 2020
2020 Erdheim–Chester disease: expanding the spectrum of cutaneous manifestationsBritish Journal of Dermatology.  182:405-409. 2020
2020 Bone marrow findings in Erdheim-Chester disease: Increased prevalence of chronic myeloid neoplasms 2020
2020 Clinicopathological features, treatment approaches, and outcomes in Rosai-Dorfman disease 2020
2020 Erdheim-chester disease with concomitant rosai-dorfman like lesions: A distinct entity mainly driven by MAP2K1 2020
2019 Inter-axonal recognition organizes Drosophila olfactory map formationScientific Reports.  9. 2019
2019 Sphingolipid-dependent Dscam sorting regulates axon segregationNature Communications.  10. 2019
2019 Concomitant Erdheim-Chester disease and chronic myelomonocytic leukaemia: genomic insights into a common clonal originBritish Journal of Haematology.  187:e51-e54. 2019
2019 The Mayo Clinic Histiocytosis Working Group Consensus Statement for the Diagnosis and Evaluation of Adult Patients With Histiocytic Neoplasms: Erdheim-Chester Disease, Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis, and Rosai-Dorfman DiseaseMayo Clinic Proceedings.  94:2054-2071. 2019
2019 Neoadjuvant vs. adjuvant chemotherapy for cholangiocarcinoma: A propensity score matched analysis 2019
2019 Incidence, Clinical Features, and Outcomes of Langerhans Cell Sarcoma in the United StatesClinical Lymphoma, Myeloma and Leukemia.  19:441-446. 2019
2019 Autoimmune encephalitis secondary to melanomaAnnals of Internal Medicine.  170:905-906. 2019
2019 Phase 1 trial of enzalutamide in combination with gemcitabine and nab-paclitaxel for the treatment of advanced pancreatic cancerInvestigational New Drugs.  37:473-481. 2019
2019 Impact of prior diagnosis of monoclonal gammopathy on outcomes in newly diagnosed multiple myelomaLeukemia.  33:1273-1277. 2019
2019 Tumor mutational burden and other predictive immunotherapy markers in histiocytic neoplasmsBlood.  133:1607-1610. 2019
2019 A population-based analysis of second primary malignancies in T-cell neoplasmsBritish Journal of Haematology.  185:338-342. 2019
2019 T cell/histiocyte-rich large B cell lymphoma: incidence, demographic disparities, and long-term outcomesBritish Journal of Haematology.  185:140-142. 2019
2019 Association between treatment facility volume, therapy types and overall survival in patients with intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma 2019
2019 Predictors of survival, treatment patterns, and outcomes in histiocytic sarcoma 2019
2019 Clinicopathological features and outcomes of fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinomaJournal of Gastrointestinal Oncology.  10:554-561. 2019
2019 Editorial plasmacytomas: Many faces of one disease, or many diseases with one face?Oncotarget.  10:257-258. 2019
2019 Improved interpretability of machine learning model using unsupervised clustering: Predicting time to first treatment in chronic lymphocytic leukemiaJCO Clinical Cancer Informatics.  3:1-11. 2019
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2018 Histiocytic sarcoma: A population-based analysis of incidence, demographic disparities, and long-term outcomesBlood.  131:265-268. 2018
2017 Clinical and radiological responses to oral methotrexate alone or in combination with other agents in erdheim-chester diseaseBlood Cancer Journal.  7. 2017
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2017 Clinical and radiologic responses to cladribine for the treatment of Erdheim-Chester diseaseJAMA Oncology.  3:1253-1256. 2017
2017 Clinical features and outcomes of extramedullary myeloid sarcoma in the United States: Analysis using a national data setBlood Cancer Journal.  7. 2017
2016 Composite lymphoma with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and classical Hodgkin lymphoma components: A case report and review of the literature 2016
2016 Hereditary cancer syndromes: utilizing DNA repair deficiency as therapeutic targetFamilial Cancer.  15:359-366. 2016
2016 Acquired haemophilia A: An unusual postoperative complicationBMJ Case Reports.  2016. 2016
2016 Trends in Use of Radiation Therapy for Hodgkin Lymphoma from 2000 to 2012 on the Basis of the National Cancer Data BaseClinical Lymphoma, Myeloma and Leukemia.  16:12-17. 2016
2015 Salivary gland cancers: Biology and systemic therapy 2015
2015 L-asparaginase and venous thromboembolism in acute lymphocytic leukemiaFuture Oncology.  11:2459-2470. 2015
2015 Double-Hit LymphomaJournal of Clinical and Experimental Hematopathology.  55:51-53. 2015
2015 Multicentric Castleman Disease with Monoclonal Incomplete IgH Restriction: A Rare CoexistenceJournal of Clinical and Experimental Hematopathology.  55:103-108. 2015
2007 Role of Mitochondrial Remodeling in Programmed Cell Death in Drosophila melanogasterDevelopmental Cell.  12:807-816. 2007

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  • UAB 2078: A Multi-Center, Open-Label, Phase 1/2 Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Safety and Anti-Tumor Activity of AB-101 Monotherapy and AB-101 Plus Rituximab in Patients with Relapsed/Refractory Non–Hodgkin Lymphoma of B-Cell Origin  awarded by ARTIVA BIOTHERAPEUTICS INC
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