Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2023 Community informed recruitment: a promising method to enhance clinical trial participation.Journal of Pain and Symptom Management2023
2022 Engaging African American family Caregivers in Developing a Culturally-responsive Interview Guide: A Multiphase Process and ApproachJournal of Pain and Symptom Management.  63:e705-e711. 2022
2022 An Early Palliative Care Telehealth Coaching Intervention to Enhance Advanced Cancer Family Caregivers’ Decision Support Skills: The CASCADE Pilot Factorial TrialJournal of Pain and Symptom Management.  63:11-22. 2022
2022 Respecting Faith, Hope, and Miracles in African American Christian Patients at End-of-Life: Moving from Labeling Goals of Care as “Aggressive” to Providing Equitable Goal-Concordant CareJournal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities2022
2021 Disparities and Racism Experienced Among Older African Americans Nearing End of LifeCurrent Geriatrics Reports.  10:157-166. 2021
2021 Health Professionals Palliative Care Education for Older Adults: Overcoming Ageism, Racism, and Gender BiasCurrent Geriatrics Reports.  10:148-156. 2021
2021 Drafting a diversity, equity, and inclusion textbook inventory: Assumptions, concepts, conceptual frameworkTeaching and Learning in Nursing.  16:247-253. 2021
2021 Engaging Social Justice Methods to Create Palliative Care Programs That Reflect the Cultural Values of African American Patients with Serious Illness and Their Families: A Path Towards Health Equity 2021
2021 Protecting our Elders and Developing Equitable Policies During Public Health Emergencies: Ethical Recommendations.Current Geriatrics Reports.  10:133-140. 2021
2020 Community Tele-pal: A community-developed, culturally based palliative care tele-consult randomized controlled trial for African American and White Rural southern elders with a life-limiting illnessTrials.  21. 2020
2019 Integrating Palliative Care into the Chronic Illness Continuum: a Conceptual Model for Minority PopulationsJournal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities.  6:1078-1086. 2019
2019 Impact of mentoring relationships on nursing professional socializationJournal of Nursing Management.  27:1182-1189. 2019
2018 Effect of mentoring on professional values in model C clinical nurse leader graduatesJournal of Nursing Management.  26:1044-1050. 2018
2017 Implementing the new ANA standard 8: Culturally congruent practiceOnline Journal of Issues in Nursing.  22. 2017
2016 Mentoring to retain newly hired nursesNursing Management.  47:9-13. 2016

Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science, Augusta State University 2017
  • Master of Nursing in Nursing Education, Brenau University 2009
  • Bachelor of Nursing in Registered Nursing / Registered Nurse, Brenau University 2005
  • Full Name

  • Shena Gazaway