Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2023 Strong higher-order angular dependence of spin-orbit torque in W/CoFeB bilayerPhysical Review B.  107. 2023
2022 Large Exotic Spin Torques in Antiferromagnetic Iron RhodiumPhysical Review Applied.  18. 2022
2022 In-plane magnetic field induced density wave states near quantum spin Hall phase transitionsPhysical Review B.  105:125102. 2022
2021 Intrinsic staggered spin-orbit torque for the electrical control of antiferromagnets: Application to CrI3Physical Review B.  104. 2021
2021 Large Exotic Spin Torques in Antiferromagnetic Iron Rhodium 2021
2021 Current-induced torques in magnetic Weyl semimetal tunnel junctions.Physical Review B.  103. 2021
2021 Spin-orbit torque switching of Néel order in two-dimensional CrI$_3$ 2021
2020 Circular photogalvanic spectroscopy of Rashba splitting in 2D hybrid organic–inorganic perovskite multiple quantum wellsNature Communications.  11. 2020
2020 Staggered spin Hall conductivityPhysical Review B.  102:195146. 2020
2020 Higgs-like modes in two-dimensional spatially indirect exciton condensatesPhysical Review B.  102. 2020
2020 Imaging the valley and orbital Hall effect in monolayer MoS2.Physical Review B.  102. 2020
2020 Theory of Current-Induced Angular Momentum Transfer Dynamics in Spin-Orbit Coupled Systems.Physical Review Research.  2. 2020
2020 Unconventional spin-orbit torque in transition metal dichalcogenide/ferromagnet bilayers from first-principles calculations.Physical Review B.  102. 2020
2019 Observation of Rydberg exciton polaritons and their condensate in a perovskite cavity 2019
2018 Boltzmann approach to spin-orbit-induced transport in effective quantum theories.Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter.  30:415002. 2018
2018 Time-Reversal Symmetry-Breaking Nematic Insulators near Quantum Spin Hall Phase TransitionsPhysical Review Letters.  120. 2018
2018 Boltzmann scaling of spontaneous Hall current and nonequilibrium spin-polarization 2018
2017 Instability and topological robustness of Weyl semimetals against Coulomb interactionPhysical Review B.  96. 2017
2016 Microscopic theory of equilibrium polariton condensatesPhysical Review B2016
2015 Theory of two-dimensional spatially indirect equilibrium exciton condensatesPhysical Review B.  92. 2015
2013 Enhanced hot-carrier luminescence in multilayer reduced graphene oxide nanospheresScientific Reports.  3. 2013
2012 The impact of carrier transport confinement on the energy transfer between InGaN/GaN quantum-well nanorods and colloidal nanocrystalsAdvanced Functional Materials.  22:3146-3152. 2012
2012 Effects of reduced exciton diffusion in InGaN/GaN multiple quantum well nanorodsOptics Express.  20:13478-13487. 2012

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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Physics, University of Texas System : Austin 2018
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  • Fei Xue