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2021 Reducing Immunogenicity of Pegloticase With Concomitant Use of Mycophenolate Mofetil in Patients With Refractory Gout: A Phase II, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled TrialArthritis and Rheumatology.  73:1523-1532. 2021
2021 Tobacco screening and use in hospitalized adolescents at a Children's HospitalHospital pediatrics.  11:605-612. 2021
2021 Nonparametric bayes estimation of the reliability function of a coherent systemJournal of statistical research.  54:183-206. 2021
2021 Brain MRIs may be of low value in most children diagnosed with isolated growth hormone deficiencyJournal of Pediatric Endocrinology and Metabolism.  34:333-340. 2021
2021 Exploring adults as support persons for improved pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV use among select adolescents and young adults in the Deep SouthPLoS One.  16. 2021
2021 Nocturnal hypoxemia measured by polysomnogram is associated with acute chest syndrome in pediatric sickle cell disease 2021
2021 Prophylactic Peritoneal Dialysis After the Arterial Switch Operation: A Retrospective Cohort StudyAnnals of Thoracic Surgery.  111:655-661. 2021
2021 The Importance of Context: Linking Veteran Outpatients Screening Positive for Housing Instability with Responsive Interventions 2021
2020 Correlates of Transitions into Housing Instability among Veterans Accessing Veterans Health Administration Health CareMedical Care.  58:1105-1110. 2020
2020 Reoperation for device infection and erosion following deep brain stimulation implantable pulse generator placementJournal of Neurosurgery.  133:403-410. 2020
2020 Concurrent diabetic ketoacidosis with hyperosmolality and/or severe hyperglycemia in youth with type 2 diabetes 2020
2020 Effect of Intensive Blood Pressure Lowering on the Risk of Atrial FibrillationHypertension.  75:1491-1496. 2020
2019 Perioperative serum albumin and its influence on clinical outcomes in neonates and infants undergoing cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass: A multi-centre retrospective studyCardiology in the Young.  29:761-767. 2019
2019 Awake testing during deep brain stimulation surgery predicts postoperative stimulation side effect thresholdsBrain Sciences.  9. 2019
2019 Effects of virtual walking on spinal cord injury-related neuropathic pain: A randomized, controlled trialRehabilitation Psychology.  64:13-24. 2019
2019 Positive airway pressure versus high-flow nasal cannula for prevention of extubation failure in infants after congenital heart surgeryPediatric Critical Care Medicine.  20:149-157. 2019
2018 The epidemiology of healthcare-associated infections in pediatric cardiac intensive care units 2018
2018 Furosemide response predicts acute kidney injury after cardiac surgery in infants and neonatesPediatric Critical Care Medicine.  19:310-317. 2018
2018 A latent class analysis of PTSD symptoms among inner city primary care patientsJournal of Psychiatric Research.  98:1-8. 2018
2018 Associations of Mood on Objective and Subjective Cognitive Complaints in Persons Living with HIV/AIDS. 2018
2017 99mTc-MAG3: Image wiselyRadiology.  284:200-209. 2017
2017 Nonparametric Regression Method for Broad Sense Agreement.Journal of Nonparametric Statistics.  29:280-300. 2017
2016 A general approach to categorizing a continuous scale according to an ordinal outcome.Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference.  172:23-25. 2016
2014 Nonparametric Bayes estimation of gap-time distribution with recurrent event dataJournal of Nonparametric Statistics.  26:575-598. 2014

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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Statistics, University of South Carolina-Columbia 2014
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  • AKM Fazlur Rahman