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Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2009 How Well Can Hospital Readmission Be Predicted in a Cohort of Hospitalized Children? A Retrospective, Multicenter StudyPediatrics.  123:286-293. 2009
2007 Off-label drug use in hospitalized childrenJAMA Pediatrics.  161:282-290. 2007
2006 Creating a regional pediatric medical disaster preparedness network: Imperative and issuesMaternal and Child Health Journal.  10:391-396. 2006
2006 Interstate transfer of pediatric patients during Hurricane KatrinaPediatrics (Spanish Edition).  117. 2006
2006 Moving hospitalized children all over the southeast: interstate transfer of pediatric patients during Hurricane Katrina.Pediatrics.  117. 2006
2004 Career opportunities available to graduates of pediatric residency programs. 2004
2004 Letters to the editor (multiple letters) 2004
2003 Pediatrics and patient safetyJournal of Pediatrics.  142:359-360. 2003
2003 Do local opinion leaders augment Hospital quality improvement efforts? A randomized trial to promote adherence to Unstable Angina GuidelinesMedical Care.  41:420-431. 2003
2002 Compliance with vision-screening guidelines among a national sample of pediatricians 2002
2001 Support of universal newborn hearing screening among mothers and health care providersChild: Care, Health and Development.  7:283-295. 2001
2001 Improving Adherence to Guidelines: Impact of an Opinion Leader Quality Improvement InterventionJournal of General Internal Medicine.  16, Supp. 2001
2000 Optimal reporting of health care process measures: inferential statistics as help or hindrance?Managed Care Quarterly.  8:1-10. 2000
2000 The art and science of chart review. 2000
1999 Variation in length of stay for pediatric Medicaid inpatientsChild: Care, Health and Development.  5:15-26. 1999
1998 An unusual source of lead poisoningClinical Pediatrics.  37:377-380. 1998
1998 Pediatric discourse on corporal punishment: A historical reviewAggression and Violent Behavior.  3:357-368. 1998
1997 The pediatric costs of strategies for minimizing the risk of early- onset group B streptococcal diseaseObstetrics and Gynecology.  90:347-352. 1997
1997 Comparison of inpatient charges between academic and nonacademic services in a children's hospitalPediatrics.  99:175-179. 1997
1997 How rural physicians compare on cost and quality measures for medicaid ambulatory care episodesJournal of Rural Health.  13:126-135. 1997
1997 Impact of care setting on cost and quality under medicaidJournal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved.  8:202-213. 1997
1997 Limitations of the current child sexual abuse medical literature from a Bayesian perspectiveChild Maltreatment.  2:73-77. 1997
1997 Preferences of pregnant women and physicians for 2 strategies for prevention of early-onset group B streptococcal sepsis in neonatesJAMA Pediatrics.  151:712-718. 1997
1997 The importance of preparing medical students to manage different types of uncertaintyAcademic Medicine.  72:688-692. 1997
1996 A comparison of pediatric telephone management by residents versus nursesJournal of Investigative Medicine.  44. 1996
1996 A way to approach the strategic decisions facing academic health centersAcademic Medicine.  71:337-342. 1996
1996 Attitudes of academic pediatricians with a specific interest in child abuse toward the spanking of childrenJAMA Pediatrics.  150:1049-1053. 1996
1996 Comparing preferences of pregnant women, pediatricians and obstetricians for two strategies to reduce GBS infection in neonatesJournal of Investigative Medicine.  44. 1996
1996 Impact of maternal group B streptococcal screening on pediatric management in full-term newbornsJAMA Pediatrics.  150:802-808. 1996
1996 Is passive smoking a counseling priority for pediatric residents?Journal of Investigative Medicine.  44. 1996
1996 Managing conflicting expectations to better achieve our division’;s goalsAcademic Medicine.  71:816. 1996
1996 Medical universities and academic health centers: Lessons of historyAcademic Medicine.  71:1141-1143. 1996
1996 Staging pediatric residents' counseling behaviors for passive smoking within a health behavior frameworkJournal of Investigative Medicine.  44. 1996
1996 The changing academic health center. The death of the traditional academic physician.Physician Executive.  22:22-24. 1996
1996 Universal screening and maternal chemoprophylaxis for Group B Streptococcus and its effect on management of mildly symptomatic term infantsJournal of Investigative Medicine.  44. 1996
1995 Strategies for the prevention of early-onset neonatal group B streptococcal sepsis: a decision analysisACOG Current Journal Review.  8:18-19. 1995
1995 Patterns of care received by Medicaid recipients with urinary tract infections.Pediatrics.  96:638-642. 1995
1995 The influence of feelings on professional judgment 1995
1995 Gun Ownership and Counseling of Alabama PediatriciansJAMA Pediatrics.  149:442-446. 1995
1995 Impact of patient history on residents' evaluation of child sexual abuseChild Abuse and Neglect.  19:943-951. 1995
1995 Patterns of care received by medicaid recipients with urinary tract infectionsPediatrics.  96:638-642. 1995
1995 Quality in the Interorganizational SettingAmerican Journal of Medical Quality.  10:3-9. 1995
1995 The impact of CQI on human resources managementJournal of Healthcare Management.  40:138-153. 1995
1994 Enhancing multi-agency collaboration in the management of child sexual abuseChild Abuse and Neglect.  18:859-869. 1994
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1994 Strategies for the prevention of early-onset neonatal group B streptococcal sepsis: A decision analysisObstetrics and Gynecology.  83:483-494. 1994
1993 Limitations of the pediatric risk of mortality score in assessing children with acute renal failurePediatric Nephrology.  7:703-707. 1993
1992 Cross-functional, integrative team decision making: essential for effective QI in health care.QRB. Quality review bulletin.  18:157-163. 1992

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  • Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Internship
  • Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Residency
  • Doctor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University 1986
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  • Crayton Fargason