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2010 Nasal absorption of mixtures of fast-acting and long-acting insulinsInternational Journal of Pharmaceutics.  388:202-208. 2010
2010 Highly bioavailable nasal calcitonin - Potential for expanded use in analgesiaDrug Delivery Technology.  10:58-63. 2010
2010 Reestablishment of the nasal permeability barrier to several peptides following exposure to the absorption enhancer tetradecyl-β-D-maltosideJournal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.  99:1912-1920. 2010
2007 Pharmacokinetic study of puerarin in rat serum by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometryBiomedical Chromatography.  21:410-414. 2007
2005 Contrasting effects of puerarin and daidzin on glucose homeostasis in miceJournal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.  53:8760-8767. 2005
2004 Correlation of tetradecylmaltoside induced increases in nasal peptide drug delivery with morphological changes in nasal epithelial cellsJournal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.  93:2205-2213. 2004
2003 Sucrose cocoate, a component of cosmetic preparations, enhances nasal and ocular peptide absorptionInternational Journal of Pharmaceutics.  251:195-203. 2003
2003 Effects of the permeability enhancers, tetradecylmaltoside and dimethyl-β-cyclodextrin, on insulin movement across human bronchial epithelial cells (16HBE14o-)European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.  20:27-34. 2003
2002 Nasal administration of low molecular weight heparinJournal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.  91:1707-1714. 2002
2002 Synthetic long-chain alkyl maltosides and alkyl sucrose esters as enhancers of nasal insulin absorptionJournal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.  91:1456-1462. 2002
2001 Enhanced bioavailability of calcitonin formulated with alkylglycosides following nasal and ocular administration in ratsPharmaceutical Research.  18:1742-1746. 2001
2001 Mutual inhibition of the insulin absorption-enhancing properties of dodecylmaltoside and dimethyl-β-cyclodextrin following nasal administrationPharmaceutical Research.  18:608-614. 2001
1998 Dodecylmaltoside-mediated nasal and ocular absorption of lyspro insulin: Independence of surfactant action from multimer dissociationPharmaceutical Research.  15:1637-1639. 1998
1997 Alkylglycosides as artificial primers for glycogen biosynthesis.Cellular and Molecular Biology.  43:369-381. 1997
1995 Inhibition of glycogenin-catalyzed glucosyl and xylosyl transfer by cytidine 5′-diphosphate and related compoundsMolecular cell biology research communications : MCBRC.  320:361-368. 1995
1995 Dodecyl-β-d-maltoside as a substrate for glucosyl and xylosyl transfer by glycogeninGlycobiology.  5:263-271. 1995
1995 Ménage à Trois: Glycogenin, Proteoglycan Core Protein Xylosyltransferase and UDP-xyloseTrends in glycoscience and glycotechnology : TIGG.  7:303-332. 1995
1995 Systemic Absorption of Insulin and Glucagon Applied Topically to the Eyes of Rats and a Diabetic DogJournal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics.  11:283-295. 1995
1994 A biphasic radiometric assay of glycogenin using the hydrophobic acceptor n-dodecyl-β-D-maltosideAnalytical Biochemistry.  216:383-391. 1994
1994 Alkylglycosides enhance systemic absorption of insulin applied topically to the rat eyeJournal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics.  271:1274-1280. 1994
1994 Efficacy of Insulin EyedropsJournal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics.  10:461-470. 1994
1994 Insulin delivery in nosedrops: New formulations containing alkylglycosides 1994
1994 Insulin delivery in nosedrops: New formulations containing alkylglycosidesEndocrinology.  135:2386-2391. 1994
1994 Xylosyl transfer to an endogenous renal acceptor. Characteristics of the reaction and properties of the productJournal of Biological Chemistry.  269:11503-11508. 1994
1994 Xylosyl transfer to an endogenous renal acceptor. Purification of the transferase and the acceptor and their identification as glycogeninJournal of Biological Chemistry.  269:11509-11513. 1994
1993 Expression of IGF-II/Man-6-P receptors on rat, rabbit, and human colon epithelial cells.American Journal of Physiology.  264:R1101-R1110. 1993
1993 Expression of IGF-II/Man-6-P receptors on rat, rabbit, and human colon epithelial cellsAmerican Journal of Physiology.  264. 1993
1993 Proximal renal tubule preparations isolated from rat or rabbit kidneys without the use of collagenaseToxicology Mechanisms and Methods.  3:87-99. 1993
1992 Altered sulfate transport via anion exchange in CFPAC is corrected by retrovirus-mediated CFTR gene transferAmerican Journal of Physiology.  263. 1992
1992 Insulin signal transduction: The role of protein phosphorylationAmerican Journal of the Medical Sciences.  303:40-52. 1992
1991 Increased sensitivity of 32P and 125I counted in the presence of a solid scintillator: detection of protein bands separated by polyacrylamide gel electrphoresisJournal of Proteomics.  22:89-92. 1991
1991 Sulfation by human lung fibroblasts: SO42- and sulfur-containing amino acids as sources for macromolecular sulfationAmerican Journal of Physiology.  260. 1991
1991 Systemic absorption of insulin delivered topically to the rat eye 1991
1990 Angiotensin II and bradykinin stimulate phosphoinositide breakdown in intact rat kidney glomeruli but not in proximal tubules: Glomerular response modulated by phorbol esterBiochemical and Biophysical Research Communications.  166:373-379. 1990
1990 Renal glomerular and tubular insulin and insulin-like growth factor receptors.Contributions to Nephrology.  83:60-66. 1990
1989 Evidence for vasoactive intestinal peptide receptors in apical membranes from tracheal epitheliumLife Sciences.  44:1037-1042. 1989
1989 Sulfate transport in human lung fibroblasts (IMR-90): Effect of pH and anionsAmerican Journal of Physiology.  256. 1989
1988 Binding and degradation of125I-insulin by isolated rat renal brush border membranes: Evidence for low affinity, high capacity insulin recognition sites 1988
1988 Specific, high affinity receptors for insulin-like growth factor ii in the rat kidney glomerulus 1988
1988 Increased sulfate uptake in skin fibroblasts isolated from cystic fibrosis patientsBiochemical and Biophysical Research Communications.  152:99-106. 1988
1988 Isolation and characterization of insulin receptors from rat kidney glomeruli and tubulesBiochemical and Biophysical Research Communications.  151:370-381. 1988
1988 Distinct receptors for insulin-like growth factor I in rat renal glomeruli and tubulesAmerican Journal of Physiology.  255. 1988
1987 Sulfate transport in apical membrane vesicles isolated from tracheal epitheliumAmerican Journal of Physiology.  253. 1987
1987 Chloride measurement by microelectrode in cystic fibrosis and normal sweat.Mineral and electrolyte metabolism.  13:196-200. 1987
1987 Reaction of unsaturated uronic acid residues with mercuric salts. Cleavage of the hyaluronic acid disaccharide 2-acetamido-2-deoxy-3-O-(beta-D-gluco-4-enepyranosyluronic acid)-D-glucose.Biochemical Journal.  245:795-804. 1987
1987 Regression of renal hypertrophy and elevated renal na+, k+-atpase activity after insulin treatment in streptozotocin-diabetic rats 1987
1986 Comparison of insulin receptors from bovine retinal blood vessels and nonvascular retinal tissue 1986
1986 Development of renal hypertrophy and increased renal Na,K-ATPase in streptozotocin-diabetic rats 1986
1986 Energy dependent insulin binding, internalization and degradation in isolated cardiac myocytes from normal and diabetic ratsJournal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology.  18:157-168. 1986
1985 Identification of the insulin receptor of cerebral microvesselsAmerican Journal of Physiology.  11. 1985
1985 Liquid-chromatographic determination of chloride in sweat from cystic fibrosis patients and normal persons. 1985
1985 Small Proteins Affect Na+ Gradient‐Dependent d‐Glucose Transport in Isolated Renal Brush‐Border Membrane VesiclesAnnals of the New York Academy of Sciences.  456:101-104. 1985
1985 Sulfate transport in human lung fibroblasts (IMR‐90)Journal of Cellular Physiology.  125:243-250. 1985
1984 Polyamines stimulate d-glucose transport in isolated renal brush-border membrane vesicles 1984
1984 Serum sulfate levels in patients with cystic fibrosisClinica Chimica Acta.  142:241-247. 1984
1984 Distribution of insulin receptors in human erythrocyte membranes. Insulin binding to sealed right-side-out and inside-out human erythrocyte vesicles 1984
1984 Identification and characterization of the insulin receptor of bovine retinal microvessels 1984
1984 Increased renal tubular sodium pump and Na+,K+-adenosine triphosphatase in streptozotocin-diabetic ratsJournal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics.  229:664-670. 1984
1984 Isolation and characterization of β1-adrenergic receptors from adult, rat cardiac myocytesJournal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology.  16:867-873. 1984
1984 Serum sulfate levels in patients with cystic fibrosis 1984
1983 Isolation and characterization of human erythrocyte insulin receptorsJournal of Biological Chemistry.  258:5021-5026. 1983
1983 Rapid isolation of type II pneumocytes with magnetic removal of macrophagesExperimental Lung Research.  4:191-204. 1983
1983 Selective solubilization of two populations of polypeptides from bovine retinal basement membranesExperimental Eye Research.  36:257-267. 1983
1982 Partial characterization of insulin receptors from rat myocytesJournal of Biological Chemistry.  257:11128-11134. 1982
1982 Binding and degradation of 125I-insulin by renal glomeruli and tubules isolated from ratsDiabetologia.  22:276-284. 1982
1982 Cerebral cortical microvessels: An insulin-sensitive tissueBiochemical and Biophysical Research Communications.  104:686-692. 1982
1982 Isolation and partial characterization of insulin receptors from adult rat myocytes 1982
1982 Preparation of cell‐free extracellular matrix from human peripheral nerveMuscle and Nerve.  5:335-344. 1982
1982 Response of cyclic AMP phosphodiesterase to insulin in rat renal tissue 1982
1982 Stimulation of glucose oxidation and cyclic-AMP phosphodiesterase activity by insulin in bovine retinal microvessels 1982
1982 Stimulation of microvascular cyclic-AMP phosphodiesterase activity by insulin, spermine and concanavalinDiabetes.  31. 1982
1982 Thickened cerebral cortical capillary basement membranes in diabetesArchives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.  106:214-217. 1982
1981 Preparation and composition of alveolar extracellular matrix and incorporated basement membrane 1981
1981 A charcoal cartridge for the removal of anionic detergent and electrophoresis stainsJournal of Proteomics.  4:73-80. 1981
1981 Differential Effect of Urea on the Migration of Collagenous and Non-Collagenous Polypeptides in SDS Gels: Basis for their Separation by Two-dimensional ElectrophoresisMatrix Biology.  1:201-207. 1981
1981 Human diabetic perineurial cell basement membrane thickeningLaboratory Investigation.  44:265-270. 1981
1981 Increased renal tubular Na-K pump in chronic streptozotocin (STZ)-diabetic rats 1981
1981 The addition of SDS to the Bradford dye-binding protein assay, a modification with increased sensitivity to collagenJournal of Proteomics.  5:67-74. 1981
1981 Ultrastructural analyses of control and enzyme‐treated isolated renal basement membranesAnatomical Record.  200:421-436. 1981
1980 Metachromatic staining with Coomassie Brilliant Blue R-250 of the proline-rich calf thymus histone, H1 1980
1980 A simple procedure for the purification of bovine fibrin from clotted blood by the use of detergentsPreparative Biochemistry and Biotechnology.  10:43-57. 1980
1980 Human placental chorionic villar extracellular matrix. 2. Solubilization and characterization from villar fragments fractionated according to their sizeInternational journal of biological research in pregnancy.  1:79-89. 1980
1980 Rabbit glomerular and tubular basement membranes: Morphology and differential solubilizationRenal physiology.  3:145-151. 1980
1980 Specific insulin receptors in rat renal glomeruliRenal physiology.  3:72-78. 1980
1980 The pH-dependent binding of goat IgG1 and IgG2 to protein A-SepharoseMolecular Immunology.  17:29-36. 1980
1980 Vascular basement membranes: preparation and properties of material isolated with the use of detergents.Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology.  131:89-103. 1980
1979 pH gradient elution of human IgG1, IgG2 and IgG4 from protein A-SepharoseImmunotechnology : an international journal of immunological engineering.  31:211-217. 1979
1979 Effect of paraquat treatment on prolyl hydroxylase activity and collagen synthesis of rat lung and kidneyResearch communications in molecular pathology and pharmacology.  25:257-268. 1979
1979 Rat renal glomeruli and tubules have specific insulin receptors of differing affinityMolecular Pharmacology.  16:1095-1100. 1979
1979 Basement membrane biosynthesis by isolated bovine retinal vessels: Incorporation of precursors into extracellular matrixMicrovascular Research.  18:185-208. 1979
1979 Biosynthesis of basement membrane matrix by isolated rat renal glomeruliKidney International.  15:20-32. 1979
1979 Demonstration of insulin receptors of differing affinity in rat renal glomeruli and tubules 1979
1979 Isolation and characterization of human placental chorionic villar extracellular matrixJournal of Cellular Biochemistry.  12:457-466. 1979
1978 Ultrastructural and biochemical analyses of isolated basement membranes from kidney glomeruli and tubules and brain and retinal microvesselsJournal of Structural Biology.  62:26-53. 1978
1977 The acellular perfused kidney: a model for basement membrane permeability 1977
1976 Inhibition of p aminohippurate transport in isolated rabbit renal tubules by Bence Jones protein 1976
1975 A simple, versatile, nondisruptive method for the isolation of morphologically and chemically pure basement membranes from several tissuesLife Sciences.  17:1721-1732. 1975
1975 Basement membrane synthesis by isolated bovine retinal vesselsPharmacologist -Washington-.  17. 1975
1975 Isolation and properties of a pure preparation of proximal kidney tubules obtained without collagenase treatment 1975
1975 Localization of gluconeogenic activity in the Bowman's capsule of isolated kidney glomeruliPharmacologist -Washington-.  17. 1975
1974 Isolation of a purified preparation of metabolically active retinal blood vesselsNature.  251:65-67. 1974
1974 A simple apparatus for the continuous monitoring of 14CO2 production from several small reaction mixturesAnalytical Biochemistry.  60:88-101. 1974
1974 Isolated brain microvessels: A purified, metabolically active preparation from bovine cerebral cortexScience.  185:953-955. 1974
1974 Isolated brain microvessels: A purified, metabolically active preparation from cerebral cortexPharmacologist -Washington-.  16. 1974
1974 Isolation and metabolism of a purified preparation of bovine retinal vessels 1974
1973 Properties of a pure metabolically active glomerular preparation from rat kidneys. I. IsolationJournal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics.  187:332-341. 1973
1973 Effects of ethacrynic acid on oxidative metabolism in isolated glomeruli.Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics.  187:352-364. 1973
1973 Properties of a pure metabolically active glomerular preparation from rat kidneys. II. Metabolism.Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics.  187:342-351. 1973
1973 Effects of ethacrynic acid on glomerular filtration ratePharmacologist -Washington-.  15:173. 1973
1971 The sequence of gene product interaction in bacteriophage T4 tail core assemblyJournal of Molecular Biology.  58:685-692. 1971
1969 Comparative Studies on the Carbohydrate-Containing Membrane Components of Normal and Virus-Transformed Mouse Fibroblasts. I. Glucosamine-Labeling Patterns in 3T3, Spontaneously Transformed 3T3, and SV-40-Transformed 3T3 CellsBiochemistry.  8:2509-2517. 1969
1969 Comparative Studies on the Carbohydrate-Containing Membrane Components of Normal and Virus-Transformed Mouse Fibroblasts. II. Separation of Glycoproteins and Glycopeptides by Sephadex ChromatographyBiochemistry.  8:2518-2524. 1969
1969 Comparative studies on the carcohydrate-containing membrane components of normal oral and virustransformed mouse fibroblast.Biochemistry.  8:2518-2524. 1969
1967 Mucopolysaccharide sulfation in chick embryo cartilage. II. Characterization of the endogenous acceptor.Journal of Biological Chemistry.  242:4956-4962. 1967
1967 Mucopolysaccharide sulfation in chick embryo cartilage. I. Properties of the sulfation system.Journal of Biological Chemistry.  242:1685-1689. 1967
1964 Chemical synthesis of N-acetylhexosamine 6-sulfates 1964


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2006 Nasal delivery of peptide drugs.  373-392. 2006

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