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Year Title Altmetric
2021 Continuous Glucose Monitoring in the Operating Room and Cardiac Intensive Care Unit.Diabetes reviews (Alexandria, Va.).  44:e50-e52. 2021
2019 Glycemic Management in the Operating Room: Screening, Monitoring, Oral Hypoglycemics, and Insulin Therapy.Current Diabetes Reports.  19:134. 2019
2019 Abdominal Surgery With Bilateral Rectus Sheath Block: A Case Report.A&a Practice.  13:278-280. 2019
2019 Poor glycemic control is a strong predictor of postoperative morbidity and mortality in patients undergoing vascular surgery.Journal of Vascular Surgery.  69:1219-1226. 2019
2019 Guidelines Update: Regional Anesthesia and Antithrombotic or Thrombolytic Therapy. 2019
2018 Sitagliptin for prevention of stress hyperglycemia in patients without diabetes undergoing general surgery: A pilot randomized studyJournal of Diabetes and Its Complications.  32:1091-1096. 2018
2018 HbA1c Screening Characterizes Undiagnosed Dysglycemia in Surgical PatientsDiabetes.  67. 2018
2018 Anesthesiology, A Practical Approach 2018
2017 In ReplyAnesthesiology.  127:900-901. 2017
2017 Commentary on: Bilateral breast reduction without opioid analgesics: A comparative studyAesthetic Surgery Quarterly.  37:900-903. 2017
2017 Perioperative Hyperglycemia Management: An UpdateAnesthesiology.  126:547-560. 2017
2017 Effect of basal insulin dosage on blood glucose concentration in ambulatory surgery patients with type 2 diabetesJournal of Clinical Anesthesia.  36:184-188. 2017
2017 Insulin for Perioperative Glucose Control: Settled Science? In ReplyAnesthesiology.  127:900-900. 2017
2016 The Emory University Perioperative Algorithm for the Management of Hyperglycemia and Diabetes in Non-cardiac Surgery PatientsCurrent Diabetes Reports.  16. 2016
2015 Building a Perioperative Sleep Apnea Algorithm: Applying the Literature to Your PracticeBariatric surgical practice and patient care.  10:137-144. 2015
2015 Postanesthesia Care for the Elderly Patient 2015
2015 Surgical wound misclassification: A multicenter evaluationJournal of the American College of Surgeons.  220:323-329. 2015


Year Title Altmetric
2018 Preface 2018
2018 Anesthesiology: a practical approach. 1st ed 2018


Year Title Altmetric
2018 What Are the Intraoperative Coagulation Issues During Liver Transplantation: An Anesthesiologist’s Perspective 2018
2018 What are the Issues in Intraoperative Management of Patients Undergoing Liver Transplantation: An Anesthesiologist’s Perspective. 2018
2016 Pharmacology of anesthetic drugs used in out of operating room anesthesia.  15-35. 2016
2015 Valproic Acid an Carbapenam Antibiotics 2015
2011 Adenosine Phosphate Inhibitors 2011
2011 Low Molecular Weight Heparin 2011
2011 Miscellaneous Anticoagulants 2011
2011 Pharmacology in Anesthesia Practice 2011
2011 Streptokinase and Tissue Plasminogen Activator (tPA) 2011

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