Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2018 The Impact of Women's Health Residency Tracks on Career OutcomesJournal of Women's Health.  27:927-932. 2018
2017 Physician Order Entry Clerical Support Improves Physician Satisfaction and ProductivitySouthern Medical Journal.  110:363-368. 2017
2017 Preclinical Medical Student Note QualityAmerican Journal of the Medical Sciences.  353:387-388. 2017
2008 Adiponectin multimers and metabolic syndrome traits: Relative adiponectin resistance in African AmericansObesity.  16:2616-2623. 2008

Education And Training

  • UAB Hospital, Residency
  • Doctor of Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham 2009
  • Full Name

  • Erin Contratto