• Dr. Aroke is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) and a Nurse Scientist whose program of research focuses on racial pain disparities. Dr. Aroke has an interdisciplinary project that aims to identify the role of epigenomic and transcriptomic modifications in racial disparities in chronic low back pain.

    Dr. Aroke is an active member of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA), the International Society of Nurses in Genetics (ISONG), and the U.S. Association for the Study of Pain (USASP). Dr. Aroke serves on the Evaluation and Research Advisory Committee of the National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA).

    His scholarship has resulted in several peer-reviewed articles, nationally and internationally presentations on pharmacogenomics, pain disparities, and anesthesia outcomes.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
    2022 The Applications of Cryoneurolysis for Acute and Chronic Pain Management.Pain Practice2022
    2022 Rediscovery of Methadone to Improve Outcomes in Pain ManagementJournal of PeriAnesthesia Nursing.  37:425-434. 2022
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    2022 Confronting Racism in Pain Research: A Call to ActionJournal of Pain.  23:878-892. 2022
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    2014 Engaging Teens and Parents in Collaborative Practice: Perspectives on Diabetes Self-ManagementThe Diabetes Educator.  40:178-190. 2014

    Teaching Overview

  • Dr. Aroke's teaching interest include the scientific foundation of anesthesia practice. He has taught and managed several courses including Biochemistry and Physics for Nurse Anesthetists, Anesthesia Principles, Simulation, and Professional Aspects of Anesthesia Practice.
  • Teaching Activities

    Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science, University of Massachusetts System : Medical Center at Worcester 2016
  • Master of Nursing in Nurse Anesthetist, Duke University 2011
  • Bachelor of Nursing in Registered Nursing / Registered Nurse, Salem State College 2007
  • Awards And Honors

  • 3rd Place Poster Award, 2022
  • NIH Pain Consortium Mitchell Max Award for Research Excellence, 2022
  • Fellow American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology (FAANA), 2022
  • John F. Garde Researcher of the Year, 2021
  • Mary Hanna Memorial Journalism Award, 2021
  • Fellow American Academy of Nursing (FAAN), 2021
  • Graduate Clinical Faculty Of The Month, 2020
  • Didactic Faculty of the Year, 2020
  • Selected to Present the Goldie Brangmann Diversity and Inclusion Lecture, 2020
  • Selected to the 2019 Health Disparities Research Institute Program, 2019
  • Learn Enhance Advance Drive (LEAD) Scholar, 2019
  • Selected to be in the Fall 2018 cohort of the Clinical Investigator Training Program, 2018
  • Association of Cameroonian Nurse Anesthetists in America (ACNAA) Founders Award, 2018
  • Dean's Scholar Award, 2018
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship Award, 2018
  • Chancellor’s Award, 2016
  • Emerging Scholar Award, 2014
  • Fairlawn Scholar Award, 2014
  • CRNA of the Month, 2013
  • Fairlawn Scholar Award, 2013
  • Annie Beery Award for Outstanding Leadership, 2011
  • Sigma Theta Tau Thelma Ingles Award for Outstanding Clinical skills and Scholarly Accomplishment, 2011
  • CRNA of the month, 2011
  • Nurse Anesthesia Students Representative to Graduate and Professional Students Council, 2011
  • Nurse Anesthesia Students Representative to Graduate and Professional Students Council, 2010
  • Andrew Cmelko, CRNA Memorial Scholarship Award, 2010
  • Herman and Rose Krebs Scholarship Award, 2010
  • Herman and Rose Krebs Scholarship Award, 2009
  • Mary Manning Hester Scholarship Award, 2009
  • Mary Manning Hester Scholarship Award, 2008
  • Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing- with Highest Honors (Summa Cum Laude), 2007
  • The Honor Society of Phi-Kappa-Phi, 2006
  • The Honor Society of Nursing, 2006
  • Dean's List, 2006
  • Dean's List, 2005
  • Dean's List, 2004
  • Dean's List, 2003
  • Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing with Honors in Biochemistry, 2002
  • Full Name

  • Edwin Aroke