Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2003 Comments on "undergraduate education" editorial appearing in November 2002 issue (multiple letters)IEEE Transactions on Education.  46:207. 2003
2002 Editorial: Undergraduate educationIEEE Transactions on Education.  45:297-298. 2002
2002 May 2002 editorialIEEE Transactions on Education.  45:105. 2002
2000 Issues and techniques in networked-based distributed healthcare: overviewJournal of Systems Integration.  10:81-94. 2000
2000 A prospective trial of telepathology for intraoperative consultation (frozen sections)Human Pathology.  31:781-785. 2000
1997 Applications of virtual reality technology in pathologyStudies in Health Technology and Informatics.  39:319-324. 1997
1997 Publication of Archival Journals Accompanied by CD-ROM'sIEEE Transactions on Education.  40:296-297. 1997
1996 The Making of the Special Issue on the Application of Information Technologies to Engineering and Science EducationIEEE Transactions on Education.  39:450-451. 1996
1979 Modelling of stochastic system inputs having prescribed distribution and covariance functions 1979

Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology 1971
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  • David Conner