• Autumn currently serves as Dean of the UAB School Of Education. She is a former biology teacher and school principal whose line of inquiry focuses on the politics of education, change, and building bridges between those who prepare school leaders and those leading school systems. She has served in the role of department chair (Virginia Commonwealth University), and founding director of the Leadership Academy at The University of Tennessee. In terms of national leadership, Autumn served as a program evaluator for school leadership preparation programs and as president of both The University Council for Educational Administration and The National Council of Professors of Educational Administration. Autumn’s research has been recognized nationally via the Paula Silver Case Award and the William J. Davis Award. Her published work is focused for audiences of academics as well as educational leaders and can be found in journals such as Educational Administration Quarterly, Educational Leadership, and Teacher’s College Record. Her most recent books examine the politics of leadership within the professoriate and include Ferocious resolve: Politics, courage, and what it’s like to be a professor and Leadership: Learning, teaching, and practice.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
    2014 It's a knuckleball: A critical case study of a collaborative between a university and the 'real world' of school leadershipSchool Leadership and Management.  34:352-371. 2014
    2012 Important Shifts in Curriculum of Educational Leadership Preparation 2012
    2011 Trouble in Toms River 2011
    2010 Connecting 'up there' with 'down here': Thoughts on globalisation, neo-liberalism and leadership praxis 2010
    2010 A shadow of ourselves: Identity erasure and the politics of queer leadershipSchool Leadership and Management.  30:77-91. 2010
    2010 Rethinking the politics of fit and educational leadershipEducational Administration Quarterly.  46:96-131. 2010
    2010 Who fits? A dialog on the politics of "Doing-being" a scholar 2010
    2008 A Dialectic of Social Justice: Finding Synergy between Life and Work through Reflection and DialogueJournal of School Leadership.  18:134-163. 2008
    2008 Oh, We've Got Trouble! Right Here in Ravenna City: It Starts with "G," and Has an "S," and Ends in "A" (With Apologies to Meredith Wilson) 2008
    2007 Principals' perceptions of politics 2007
    2007 The Right Kind of Queer: "Fit" and the Politics of School LeadershipJournal of School Leadership.  17:601-630. 2007
    2007 An International Effort to Build Leadership Capacity: Insights from the First Cohort of Educational Administration at the College of the Bahamas 2007
    2007 Lessons from an International Collaboration: A Faculty Member's Reflections 2007
    2006 (OUT)siders at the gates: Administrative aspirants' attitudes towards the gay community 2006
    2006 Is NCATE the Answer to Current Criticism of Educational Leadership Preparation Programs? 2006
    2004 The Paradox of Integrating Handheld Technology in Schools: Theory vs. Practice 2004
    2004 The Paradox of Integrating Handheld Technology in Schools:Theory vs. Practice. 2004
    2004 Developing Leadership Strategies Inside the Politics of Language, Diversity, and Change 2004
    2004 Hiring Good Teachers: The Interview Process: The Small Nuances of How You and Your School are Perceived in the Interview Process Can Make the Difference in Attracting High-Quality Teachers 2004
    2003 Bringing in Mac. 2003
    2003 Letters to Angel 2003
    2003 A Field Guide to Surviving the Principalship. 2003
    2003 The Rookie's playbook: Insights and dirt for new principalsPhi Delta Kappan.  84:530-533. 2003
    2002 "Those Kids" Are Our Kids. 2002


    Year Title Altmetric
    2016 Leadership: Learning, Teaching, and Practice. Leaders, Schools, and Change 2016
    2011 Examining the Assistant Principalship: New Puzzles and Perennial Challenges for the 21st Century. International Research on School Leadership 2011
    2010 The Challenges for New Principals in the 21st Century. International Research on School Leadership Series 2010
    2010 Bridge Leadership: Connecting Educational Leadership and Social Justice to Improve Schools. Educational Leadership for Social Justice 2010


    Year Title Altmetric
    2016 Leading is teaching: Real-Life ways to connect theory to practice and address issues of social injustice in school culture.  65-74. 2016
    2010 Clashing epistemologies: Reflections on change, culture, and the politics of the professoriate.  33-51. 2010

    Research Overview

  • The study of politics in the professoriate
    The study of politics in educational organizations
    Organizational toxicity and reform
    Qualitative research methodology
    The study of the politics of school with a particular interest in the principalship and building bridges between those who prepare school leaders and those who lead schools.
    Leadership preparation and the socialization of new and aspiring principals
  • Teaching Overview

  • Everyday leadership and change in schools. The politics of change, discourse and politics.
  • Education And Training

  • Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership and Administration, Arizona State University 1996
  • Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Administration, Arizona State University 1992
  • Bachelor of Education in Secondary Education and Teaching, Arizona State University 1988
  • Full Name

  • Autumn Cypres