• Powell earned both his Ph.D. in Neuroscience and M.D. with Honor at Baylor College of Medicine in 1994 and 1997 respectively. His graduate work was among the first to measure lasting biochemical changes during long-lasting synaptic plasticity in the hippocampus. After his medical internship year at Baylor College of Medicine, Dr. Powell trained at the University of California San Francisco Neurology Residency Program. In his final year, he was selected as Chief Resident at UCSF. From there, he returned to UT Southwestern Medical Center as a professor and served in several roles before holding his current leadership positions.

    “With my laboratory’s longstanding focus on autism, intellectual disability, and cognitive dysfunction in general, the opportunity to lead the UAB Civitan International Research Center is a great honor,” said Powell. “As a physician and a scientist, I am uniquely poised to leverage the existing clinical research strengths at UAB and Children’s of Alabama to move our neurobiology discoveries out of the laboratory and into the clinics to help patients and their families.”
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
    2022 “Déjà vu” in an autism gene mouse model modifies social moresNeuron.  110:1433-1435. 2022
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    2020 Early restoration of shank3 expression in Shank3 knock-out mice prevents core asd-like behavioral phenotypeseNeuro.  7:1-22. 2020
    2019 Apparent genetic rescue of adult shank3 exon 21 insertion mutation mice tempered by appropriate control experimentseNeuro.  6. 2019
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    2015 3D visualization of the regional differencesMolecular Psychiatry.  20. 2015
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    2011 Temporally specified genetic ablation of neurogenesis impairs cognitive recovery after traumatic brain injury 2011
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    Year Title Altmetric
    2012 The Autisms Molecules to Model Systems 2012


    Year Title Altmetric
    2010 Neuroligins and neurexins: Synaptic bridges implicated in autism.  201-215. 2010
    2009 Rab3A Interacting Molecules (RIMs).  7-14. 2009
    2007 Presynaptic mechanisms in plasticity and memory.  741-769. 2007

    Education And Training

  • Doctor of Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine 1997
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Neuroscience, Baylor College of Medicine 1994
  • Bachelor of Science or Mathematics in Zoology / Animal Biology, Louisiana State University System : Baton Rouge 1988
  • Full Name

  • Craig Powell