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    Asim Bej, Professor (S)

    Dr. Bej is a professor at the Department of Biology, an Affiliate Faculty of the Department of Criminal Justice, and a Senior Scientist (C) at the UWIRC Microbiome Center at the UAB School of Medicine. He studied microbial gene regulation, and the development and applications of molecular methods for rapid diagnosis of human pathogens in environmental and clinical samples at the University of Louisville. He has published numerous research papers, review articles, and book chapters, and is the le...

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    Gregory Davis, Assistant Professor (S)

    Gregory G. Davis graduated from Vanderbilt Medical School and trained in pathology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN, followed by a fellowship in forensic pathology at the San Diego County Medical Examiner Office in San Diego, CA. Dr. Davis then joined the faculty at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where he currently serves as a Professor and as Director of the Forensic Division of the Department of Pathology. Dr. Davis also serves as Chief Coroner/Medical Examiner ...

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    Julio Rivera, Associate Professor (S)