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Center Members - Faculty

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    Andre Millard, Senior Scientist (C)

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    Gary Gray, Senior Scientist (C)

    I am originally from north-central Pennsylvania and received my education at the Lehigh University (BS and PhD) in southeastern Pennsylvania. I then stayed in the Lehigh Valley for five years working at J. T. Baker Chemical Co. (Phillipsburg, NJ) on the development of new plant growth regulators and deep-UV photoresists. I was awarded patents in each of these areas.

    I then decided to pursue an academic career and accepted a position as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at UAB in 1983....

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    James McClintock, Senior Scientist (C)

    James B. McClintock came to UAB in 1987 and has served as Dean of the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (1999-2003) and as Interim Dean of the Graduate School (2003-2005). His research has been funded continuously over the past 25 years by the National Science Foundation and focuses on aspects of marine invertebrate nutrition, reproduction, and primarily, Antarctic marine chemical ecology. His research has grown to include studies of the impacts of rapid climate change and ocean acidifi...

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    Stephen Watts, Senior Scientist (C)

    Dr. Stephen Watts began his career in aquatic science in the 9th grade, when he became enthusiastically interested in all things aquatic. Having completed degrees in marine and aquatic biology, he joined UAB in 1987, and has developed a strong program in aquatic and marine science. His interests include basic science, as well as applied science (aquaculture) and subsequently medical application of aquatic animal models.

    He is widely known as an expert in aquatic nutrition science, and h...