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    Douglas Moellering, Director for the Undergraduate Program in Biobehavioral Nutrition and Wellness

    Douglas “Doug” Moellering, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, School of Health Professions, and Department of Nutrition Sciences. He also serves as the Director for Nutrition Sciences undergraduate programs and specifically for the undergraduate major in Biobehavioral Nutrition and Wellness. He is a past Chairperson of the UAB Faculty Senate Undergraduate Curriculum Committee and the School of Health Professions Academic Affairs Committee. He is also the...

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    Paula Chandler-Laney, PhD Program Director

    Dr. Chandler-Laney is an Associate Professor and Director of the PhD program in the Department of Nutrition Sciences. Her research focuses on elucidating the biobehavioral mechanisms that underlie the development of pediatric obesity, with a particular emphasis on understanding the role of the in utero environment in programming children's risk for obesity and cardiometabolic disease. This research involves studies of children, infants, and pregnant women. Methodologies include the assessment of...

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