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Faculty Administrative Position

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    M. Tino Unlap, Director

    Dr Unlap received his PhD in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology from Kansas State University followed by postdoctoral trainings in Oncology and Behavioral Neurobiology under Drs Andrew Kraft and Richard Jope at the University of Alabama at Birmingham studying the roles that immediate early genes play in the pathogenesis of malignancy and neuronal degeneration, respectively. Dr Unlap was given a faculty appointment in the Department of Medicine where he began his study of the role that the Na+/Ca2+ e...

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    Pamela Paustian, Director

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    Scott Phillips, Director

    Scott has led the CTL since 2015. Under his direction, the Center has seen unprecedented growth. Hundreds of faculty members and teachers representing all of UAB’s schools and the College of Arts and Sciences have participated in thousands of hours of teacher development workshops in the past four years. The CTL Teaching Certification program’s system of points and badges was featured in October 2018 issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education. To date, the CTL has awarded over 63 million points ...

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