• Dr. Chapman Lambert is a promising early career investigator. Her research activities focus on improving health outcomes for minority population, more specifically women living with HIV (WLWH). For her dissertation she recruited and administered a survey to 300 WLWH to assess their attitudes, beliefs and knowledge regarding HPV and cervical cancer screening. Continuing her passion to improve health outcomes for WLWH, Dr. Chapman Lambert is evaluating multilevel factors that impact medication and appointment adherence.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
    2022 Recent Stressful Life Events, Lifetime Traumatic Events, Missed Visits, and Antiretroviral Adherence Among Black Women With HIV in the Southeastern United States: A Cross-sectional StudyJournal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care.  33:593-604. 2022
    2022 Perceived Improvement and Satisfaction With Training After Individualized-Targeted Computerized Cognitive Training in Adults With HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorder Living in Alabama: A Descriptive Cross-sectional StudyJournal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care.  33:581-586. 2022
    2022 Emerging directions of cognitive aging with HIV: practice and policy implications for social workJournal of Gerontological Social Work.  65:476-494. 2022
    2022 The Mediating Role of Social Support and Resilience between HIV-Related Stigmas and Patient Activation among Young Black Women Living with HIV in the Southern United States: A Cross-sectional StudyJournal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care.  33:78-88. 2022
    2021 Feasibility, acceptability, and preliminary impact of telemedicine-administered cognitive behavioral therapy for adherence and depression among African American women living with HIV in the rural SouthJournal of Health Psychology.  26:2730-2742. 2021
    2021 Missed Prevention Opportunities: Why Young, Black┬áMSM with Recent HIV Diagnosis did not Access HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis ServicesAIDS and Behavior.  25:1464-1473. 2021
    2021 "the More Things Change, the More Things Remain the Same": It's Time to Dismantle Structural Inequalities of Racism, Discrimination, and Health DisparitiesJournal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care.  32:413-417. 2021
    2021 Applying a Nursing Perspective to Address the Challenges Experienced by Cisgender Women in the HIV Status Neutral Care Continuum: A Review of the LiteratureJournal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care.  32:283-305. 2021
    2021 Measuring the Effects of Childhood Trauma in HIV Primary CareJournal for Nurse Practitioners.  17:116-118. 2021
    2020 Integrated Pharmacy and PrEP Navigation Services to Support PrEP Uptake: A Quality Improvement ProjectJournal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care.  31:685-692. 2020
    2020 Neurocognitive Functioning is Associated with Self-Reported and Performance-Based Treatment Management Abilities in People Living with HIV with Low Health LiteracyArchives of Clinical Neuropsychology.  35:517-527. 2020
    2020 HIV-related stigma, depression, and social support are associated with health-related quality of life among patients newly entering HIV care 2020
    2020 Complexities of HIV Disclosure in Patients Newly Entering HIV Care: A Qualitative AnalysisJournal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care.  31:208-218. 2020
    2019 Working with potential users to develop an HIV/STI prevention video game for rural adolescentsApplied Nursing Research.  2:108-112. 2019
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    2017 A psychometric examination of an instrument to measure the dimensions of Champion's Health Belief Model Scales for cervical cancer screening in women living with HIVApplied Nursing Research.  33:78-84. 2017
    2016 Confusion about HPV and Cervical Cancer Among Black/African-American Women Living with HIVJournal of National Black Nurses' Association : JNBNA.  27:20-25. 2016
    2016 Cervical Cancer Screening for Women Living with HIVNursing for Women's Health.  20:392-398. 2016
    2015 Pap test adherence, cervical cancer perceptions, and HPV knowledge among HIV-Infected women in a community health settingJournal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care.  26:271-280. 2015
    2013 Factors influencing cervical cancer screening in women infected with hiv: A review of the literatureJournal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care.  24:189-197. 2013

    Research Overview

  • Clinical: HIV/AIDS, Women's health. Research: Behavioral science, HIV care continuum, Cervical cancer prevention, Health Disparities, HIV positive women self-management, Alcohol and Drugs. Teaching: HIV/AIDS, Chronic disease, Caring for individuals across the lifespan
  • Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Adult Health Nurse / Nursing, University of South Florida 2013
  • Medical Certificate in Infectious Disease Residency Program, University of South Florida 2010
  • Master of Science in Family Practice Nurse / Nursing, University of South Florida 2009
  • Bachelor of Science or Mathematics in Registered Nursing / Registered Nurse, University of South Florida 2006
  • Full Name

  • Crystal Chapman Lambert