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Year Title Altmetric
2016 Are 18-month org charts and constant training the new reality for IT? 2016
2016 Your IT organization won’t be successful without this one essential characteristic 2016
2015 Crowdsourcing your way to inclusive IT leadership 2015
2015 3 ways to make a good idea real 2015
2015 3 offensive moves to help CIOs defend digital security 2015
2015 The CIO balancing act: agility, innovation, cost savings 2015
2015 USG IT helps passionate employees collaborate 2015
2015 Modern CIOs must hire leaders they can trust to ‘fire-and-forget 2015
2015 The unbelievable benefits of the USG CIO’s bottomless bucket of bandwidth 2015
2014 Looking to train employees about IT security? Keep it real 2014
2014 Good old-fashioned leadership can help reduce IT security incidents 2014
2014 Your next IT star could be a former employee 2014
2014 When was the last time you had your IT department over for dinner? 2014
2014 The quickest way to build mini-champions for IT in your organization 2014
2014 The quickest way to build mini-champions for IT in your organization 2014
2001 An Interactive Design, Visualization, and Analysis Tool for Information Flow Over a Tactical Data NetworkSimulation: transactions of the Society for Modeling and Simulation International.  77:104-113. 2001
2000 Adaptation techniques for intrusion detection and intrusion response systemsProceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics.  4:2344-2349. 2000
1999 Enhancing student learning through hypermedia courseware and incorporation of student learning stylesIEEE Transactions on Education.  42:33-38. 1999

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