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2019 n-Ethyl Pentylone-Related Deaths in AlabamaJournal of Forensic Sciences.  64:304-308. 2019
2017 Quantification of loperamide by gas chromatography mass spectrometryJournal of Analytical Toxicology.  41:729-734. 2017
2015 Computer Extraction of Data from Autopsy and Toxicology Reports 2015
2015 Creation of a Queryable Toxicology Database Available to Forensic Pathologists 2015
2008 The relationship of drug abuse to unexplained sudden deathArchives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.  132:1903-1906. 2008
2007 Performance of the Sebia CAPILLARYS 2 for detection and immunotyping of serum monoclonal paraproteinsAmerican Journal of Clinical Pathology.  128:293-299. 2007
2005 High urine ethanol and negative blood and vitreous ethanol in a diabetic woman: A case report, retrospective case survey, and review of the literatureAmerican Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology.  26:96-98. 2005
2005 Unexplained sudden death and the likelihood of drug abuseJournal of Forensic Sciences.  50:419-422. 2005
2004 Overestimation of HDL-Cholesterol Using a Homogeneous "Direct" AssayJournal of Clinical Laboratory Analysis.  18:42-44. 2004
2004 Pathologic quiz case: repeated positive ethylene glycol levels by gas chromatography. Central venous line contamination of blood samples by propylene glycol from intravenous lorazepam injections.Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.  128. 2004
2003 Utilization, reliability, and clinical impact of point-of-care testing during critical care transport: Six years of experience 2003
2003 Polydrug fatality involving metaxaloneJournal of Forensic Sciences.  48:432-434. 2003
2002 A review of methadone deaths in Jefferson County, AlabamaAmerican Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology.  23:299-304. 2002
2002 Comparison of non-diglyceride- and diglyceride-based assays for pancreatic lipase activityJournal of Clinical Laboratory Analysis.  16:52-55. 2002
2002 Detection of ketosis in vitreous at autopsy after embalmingJournal of Forensic Sciences.  47:221-223. 2002
2000 New automated chemiluminescent assay for erythropoietinJournal of Clinical Laboratory Analysis.  14:271-273. 2000
2000 Correlation of the incidence of cocaine and cocaethylene in hair and postmortem biologic samplesAmerican Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology.  21:166-171. 2000
2000 An unusual multiple drug intoxication case involving citalopramJournal of Analytical Toxicology.  24:648-650. 2000
2000 Evaluation of a homogeneous direct LDL-cholesterol assay in diabetic patients: Effect of glycemic control 2000
2000 Evaluation of the Beckman Coulter LX20 clinical chemistry analyzerLaboratory Medicine.  31:387-393. 2000
1999 Evaluation of a fully automated high-performance liquid chromatography assay for hemoglobin A(1c)Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.  123:763-767. 1999
1999 Detection of azide in forensic samples by capillary electrophoresisJournal of Forensic Sciences.  44:1310-1313. 1999
1999 False-positive cardiac troponin I results: Two case reportsLaboratory Medicine.  30:610-612. 1999
1999 Postmortem diagnosis of unsuspected diabetes mellitus established by determination of decedent's hemoglobin A1c levelJournal of Forensic Sciences.  44:643-646. 1999
1998 Fatal multiple drug intoxication following acute sertraline useJournal of Analytical Toxicology.  22:545-548. 1998
1998 Low serum antimycobacterial drug levels in non-HIV-infected tuberculosis patientsChest.  113:1178-1183. 1998
1997 Detection of alprazolam in three cases of methadone/benzodiazepine overdoseJournal of Forensic Sciences.  42:155-156. 1997
1995 False-positive postmortem emit drugs-of-abuse assay due to lactate dehydrogenase and lactate in urineJournal of Analytical Toxicology.  19:554-556. 1995
1995 High-performance liquid chromatography of alprazolam in postmortem blood using solid-phase extractionJournal of Analytical Toxicology.  19:511-513. 1995
1993 Case report: Alpha G-Philadelphia, beta O-Arab, and beta C globins present in a single patientAmerican Journal of the Medical Sciences.  305:307-311. 1993
1993 Death Attributed to Ethyl ChlorideJournal of Analytical Toxicology.  17:384-385. 1993
1992 Microalbuminuria associated with diabetic neuropathyDiabetes reviews (Alexandria, Va.).  15:528-531. 1992
1991 Acute tolerance in morphine analgesia: Continuous infusion and single injection in ratsAnesthesiology.  74:166-171. 1991
1991 Acute tolerance to the hypnotic effect of morphine in ratsAnesthesia and Analgesia.  73:619-621. 1991
1990 Analysis of 8-methoxypsoralen by high-performance liquid chromatography 1990
1990 Screening for slight albuminuria: A comparison of selected commercially available methodsSouthern Medical Journal.  83:1447-1449. 1990
1989 Diazepam--morphine hypnotic synergism in rats.Anesthesiology.  70:689-694. 1989
1988 Lactate dehydrogenase isolated from human liver mitochondria: Its purification and partial biochemical characterizationClinical Biochemistry.  21:231-237. 1988
1987 Accuracy of three methods for predicting concentrations of free phenytoinAmerican Journal of Health-System Pharmacy.  6:888-894. 1987
1987 Mineral content of bone: Measurement by energy subtraction digital chest radiographyAmerican Journal of Roentgenology.  149:1199-1202. 1987
1986 Calcification in pulmonary nodules: Detection with dual-energy digital radiographyRadiology.  160:595-601. 1986
1986 Potential value of digital radiography. Preliminary observations on the use of dual-energy subtraction in the evaluation of pulmonary nodulesChest.  89:249S-252S. 1986
1985 Interference with high performance liquid chromatographic chloramphenicol assay in a patient receiving dobutamineTherapeutic Drug Monitoring.  7:121-122. 1985
1984 Abnormal Lactate Dehydrogenase Isoenzyme Pattern in a Critically 111 PatientSouthern Medical Journal.  77:921-923. 1984
1984 Clinical significance and partial biochemical characterization of lactate dehydrogenase isoenzyme 6 1984
1984 LD-6 isoenzyme and lactate-independent dehydrogenase differ. 1984
1983 Analysis of amoxapine, 8-hydroxyamoxapine, and maprotiline by high-pressure liquid chromatographyTherapeutic Drug Monitoring.  5:309-312. 1983
1983 Monitoring of cyclosporin a: Is it possible?Therapeutic Drug Monitoring.  5:371-372. 1983
1983 Propylene glycol interference with ethylene glycol procedures. 1983
1982 Laboratory evaluation of the Boehringer Mannheim 'Diagnostic M' automated discrete analyzer 1982
1981 Interference by Liposyn® with common laboratory tests 1981
1981 Quantitation of plasma warfarin concentrations by high performance liquid chromatographyTherapeutic Drug Monitoring.  3:287-290. 1981
1979 Development of an automated theophylline procedure for the Union Carbide Centria 1979
1978 Acetazolamide interference with theophylline analysis by high-performance liquid chromatography 1978
1978 Cephalosporin antibiotic interference with analysis for theophylline by high-performance liquid chromatography 1978
1978 Histologic grading of wilms' tumor as a potential prognostic factor: Results of a retrospective study of 26 patientsCancer.  41:1199-1207. 1978
1978 Pitfalls of the alcohol dehydrogenase procedure for the emergency assay of alcohol: A case study of isopropanol overdose 1978
1978 Simple method for estimating glycosylated hemoglobins, and its application to evaluation of diabetic patients 1978
1977 Evaluation of the Union Carbide T3-uptake radioimmunoassay kits for the 'Centria' system 1977
1977 Noncorrelation between serum gold and complement concentrations 1977
1976 Letter: Evaluation of an enzymatic cholesterol method. 1976
1975 Evaluation of an automated glucose oxidase procedure 1975
1973 Intralaboratory comparison of enzymatic analysis on the Gemsaec, Clinicard, and Technicon SMA-12/60American Journal of Clinical Pathology.  60:885-889. 1973
1972 Improved direct automated method for serum urea nitrogen. 1972

Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Medical Pathology, University of Alabama at Birmingham 1971
  • Full Name

  • Andrew Robinson