• Acute Care Nurse Practitioner practices full-time in Orthopedic Surgery
    Performing office visits and Registered Nurse First-Assist duties in OR in Acute Orthopedic Trauma Service
    Works in Regional Referral Center/Community Hospital in Washington State serving rural/agricultural/recreational and geriatric populations
    Proud UAB ulumni
    Proud Alumnus of Samford University, Birmingham, AL - Nurse Educator, worked in academic advising, recruiting/marketing, FYI, service learning, Adult Nursing instruction across programs in actual and remote instructional settings
    Enjoys activities with family and participating in community outreach focused on marginalized, underserved populations
  • Research Overview

  • Acute Pain Management education in pre-licensed nursing student populations
  • Teaching Overview

  • Strong interest in Service Learning programs, teaching strategies , program and curriculum development
    Community service work included development and planning for private, non-profit high-school education while serving as board of directors chair. Secured 501c3 and developed funds procurement plan

    Nursing Education specific activities include teaching LPN, RN (ADN) , BSN and MSN programs in live (classroom and clinical) as well as online (remote) settings
    Work included instruction, supervision, evaluation, curriculum development contributor, academic advising/transcript review, admissions committee work
  • Full Name

  • Cecilia Ohman