• UAB 2005 President's Award for Excellence in Teaching : UAB 2005 President's Award for Excellence in Teaching: The criteria for selection include the following: Broad thorough knowledge of the subject area and the ability to effectively convey difficult concepts to students Exemplary classroom instruction as evidenced by student and peer evaluations Fairness, open-mindedness, and accessibility to students in and out of the classroom setting An objective, analytical approach to information; clear portrayal of conceptual interrelationships; and intellectually stimulating classroom presentations Ability to inspire and mentor students through research activities, special projects, and publication of their work Effective use of innovative teaching methods and assurance that his/her courses stay abreast of current theory and technology Promotion of ethical and professional values and behavior among students Ability to infuse students with a commitment to life-long learning and professional development Service and scholarly activities that provide excellent role models for students
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  • Eric Jack  Dean of the School of Business