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2022 Patterns of Care and Data Quality in a National Registry of Black and White Patients with Merkel Cell CarcinomaCancers.  14. 2022
2022 Ranking NIH Funding of Surgical Departments Based Upon a Modified IndexJournal of Surgical Research.  270:335-340. 2022
2021 Gold Nanorod Hydrogel Film for Laserā€Induced Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy to Treat Peritoneal Malignancies 2021
2020 Dissecting the Lymphatic System to Predict Melanoma MetastasisFrontiers in Oncology.  10. 2020
2020 Lymphatic Transport Efficiency Determines Metastatic Potential of Cutaneous MelanomaFrontiers in Oncology.  10. 2020
2016 Erratum: Ability to generate patient-derived breast cancer xenografts is enhanced in chemoresistant disease and predicts poor patient outcomes (PLoS ONE (2015) 10:9 (e0136851) DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0136851)PLoS One.  11. 2016
2015 Ability to generate patient-derived Breast cancer xenografts is enhanced in chemoresistant disease and predicts poor patient outcomesPLoS One.  10. 2015
2015 Epithelial to mesenchymal transition is associated with rapamycin resistanceOncotarget.  6:19500-19513. 2015
2014 Catalytic mTOR inhibitors can overcome intrinsic and acquired resistance to allosteric mTOR inhibitorsOncotarget.  5:8544-8557. 2014
2013 Targeting the PI3-Kinase/Akt/mTOR Signaling PathwaySurgical Oncology Clinics of North America.  22:641-664. 2013
2013 High stearoyl-CoA desaturase 1 expression is associated with shorter survival in breast cancer patientsBreast Cancer Research and Treatment.  137:319-327. 2013
2012 Mouse model reveals the role of SOX7 in the development of congenital diaphragmatic hernia associated with recurrent deletions of 8p23.1Human Molecular Genetics.  21:4115-4125. 2012
2011 Genomic alterations that contribute to the development of isolated and non-isolated congenital diaphragmatic herniaJournal of Medical Genetics.  48:299-307. 2011
2009 Chromosome 8p23.1 deletions as a cause of complex congenital heart defects and diaphragmatic herniaAmerican Journal of Medical Genetics Part A.  149:1661-1677. 2009
2007 Fine-Lubinsky syndrome: Sibling pair suggests possible autosomal recessive inheritanceAmerican Journal of Medical Genetics Part A.  143:2576-2580. 2007
2007 Genome-wide oligonucleotide-based array comparative genome hybridization analysis of non-isolated congenital diaphragmatic herniaHuman Molecular Genetics.  16:424-430. 2007
2007 Genetic factors in congenital diaphragmatic herniaAmerican Journal of Human Genetics.  80:825-845. 2007
2006 Comparison of adjunctive use of rofecoxib versus ibuprofen in the management of postoperative pain after uterine artery embolizationJournal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology.  17:665-670. 2006


Year Title Altmetric
2015 Toward Personalized Therapy for Cancer.  3-13. 2015

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