Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2022 Strengthening Kangaroo Mother Care at a tertiary level hospital in Zambia: A prospective descriptive studyPLoS One.  17. 2022
2022 “Testing Can Be Done Anywhere”: A Qualitative Assessment of Targeted Community-Based Point-of-Care Early Infant Diagnosis of HIV in Lusaka, ZambiaGlobal Health: Science and Practice Journal.  10. 2022
2021 Cervical cancer screening outcomes in Zambia, 2010–19: a cohort study 2021
2021 Early Skin-to-Skin Care with a Polyethylene Bag for Neonatal Hypothermia: A Randomized Clinical TrialJournal of Pediatrics.  231:55-60.e1. 2021
2020 Screening test accuracy to improve detection of precancerous lesions of the cervix in women living with HIV: A study protocolBMJ Open.  10. 2020
2020 Strengthening Global Commitment to Eliminating Cervical Cancer: What Lessons from the Past Can We Apply to the Future?Journal of Global Health.  10:1-4. 2020
2020 The association of maternal age with adverse neonatal outcomes in Lusaka, Zambia: a prospective cohort studyBMC Pregnancy and Childbirth.  20. 2020
2019 Association between birth attendant type and delivery site and perinatal outcomesInternational Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics.  145:187-192. 2019
2018 Time for global scale-up, not randomized trials, of uterine balloon tamponade for postpartum hemorrhageInternational Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics.  142:115-118. 2018
2018 Home deliveries in the capital: A qualitative exploration of barriers to institutional deliveries in peri-urban areas of Lusaka, ZambiaBMC Pregnancy and Childbirth.  18. 2018
2015 A population-based, multifaceted strategy to implement antenatal corticosteroid treatment versus standard care for the reduction of neonatal mortality due to preterm birth in low-income and middle-income countries: The ACT cluster randomized trialObstetrical and Gynecological Survey.  70:379-381. 2015
2015 Neonatal mortality and coverage of essential newborn interventions 2010 - 2013: A prospective, population-based study from low-middle income countriesReproductive Health.  12. 2015
2015 Risk factors for maternal death and trends in maternal mortality in low- and middle-income countries: A prospective longitudinal cohort analysisReproductive Health.  12. 2015
2015 Stillbirth rates in low-middle income countries 2010 - 2013: A population-based, multi-country study from the Global NetworkReproductive Health.  12. 2015
2015 A color-coded tape for uterine height measurement: A tool to identify preterm pregnancies in low resource settingsPLoS One.  10. 2015
2015 A population-based, multifaceted strategy to implement antenatal corticosteroid treatment versus standard care for the reduction of neonatal mortality due to preterm birth in low-income and middle-income countries: The ACT cluster-randomised trial 2015
2014 A prospective study of maternal, fetal and neonatal deaths in low- and middle-income countriesBulletin of the World Health Organization.  92:605-612. 2014
2014 Theory-driven process evaluation of a complementary feeding trial in four countriesHealth Education Research.  29:297-305. 2014
2013 A combined community- and facility-based approach to improve pregnancy outcomes in low-resource settings: A Global Network cluster randomized trialBMC Medicine.  11. 2013
2013 Randomized trial of plastic bags to prevent term neonatal hypothermia in a resource-poor settingPediatrics.  132. 2013
2013 Plastic bags for prevention of hypothermia in preterm and low birth weight infantsPediatrics.  132. 2013
2013 Assessment of obstetric and neonatal health services in developing country health facilitiesAmerican Journal of Perinatology.  30:787-794. 2013
2012 Randomized controlled trial of meat compared with multimicronutrient- fortified cereal in infants and toddlers with high stunting rates in diverse settingsAmerican Journal of Clinical Nutrition.  96:840-847. 2012
2012 Neonatal death in low- to middle-income countries: A global network studyAmerican Journal of Perinatology.  29:649-655. 2012
2011 Epidemiology of stillbirth in low-middle income countries: A Global Network StudyActa Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica.  90:1379-1385. 2011
2011 Evaluation of meat as a first complementary food for breastfed infants: Impact on iron intakeNutrition Reviews.  69. 2011
2011 Cost-effectiveness of essential newborn care training in urban first-level facilitiesPediatrics.  127. 2011
2011 Meat consumption is associated with less stunting among toddlers in four diverse low-income settingsFood and Nutrition Bulletin.  32:185-191. 2011

Education And Training

  • Master of Public Health in International Public Health / International Health, University of Alabama at Birmingham 2008
  • Doctor of Medicine, 2004
  • Full Name

  • Albert Manasyan