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2022 PHLPP1 promotes neutral lipid accumulation through AMPK/ChREBP-dependent lipid uptake and fatty acid synthesis pathwaysiScience.  25. 2022
2021 Generation of a GLO-2 deficient mouse reveals its effects on liver carbonyl and glutathione levelsBiochemistry and Biophysics Reports.  28. 2021
2021 Zebrafish Tumor Graft Transplantation to Grow Tumors in Vivo That Engraft Poorly as Single Cell SuspensionsZebrafish.  18:293-296. 2021
2020 Teleological role of L-2-hydroxyglutarate dehydrogenase in the kidneyDisease Models and Mechanisms.  13. 2020
2020 The effects of the inactivation of Hydroxyproline dehydrogenase on urinary oxalate and glycolate excretion in mouse models of primary hyperoxaluria 2020
2020 Teleological Role of L-2-Hydroxyglutarate Dehydrogenase in the Kidney.Disease Models and Mechanisms2020
2019 Enhanced Keap1-Nrf2 signaling protects the myocardium from isoproterenol-induced pathological remodeling in miceRedox Biology.  27. 2019
2019 Exercise Mediated Nrf2 Signaling Protects the Myocardium From Isoproterenol-Induced Pathological RemodelingFrontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine.  6. 2019
2019 Heterozygous Pkhd1C642* mice develop cystic liver disease and proximal tubule ectasia that mimics radiographic signs of medullary sponge kidney 2019
2019 Truncating PKHD1 and PKD2 mutations alter energy metabolism 2019
2019 A mixing heteroduplex mobility assay (mHMA) to genotype homozygous mutants with small indels generated by CRISPR-Cas9 nucleasesMethodsX.  6:1-5. 2019
2019 First year course-based undergraduate research experience (CURE) using the CRISPR/Cas9 genome engineering technology in zebrafish 2019
2019 Integrating CRISPR-Cas9 technology into undergraduate courses: Perspectives from a National Science Foundation (NSF) workshop for undergraduate faculty, June 2018 2019
2018 Analysis of novel domain-specific mutations in the zebrafish ndr2/cyclops gene generated using CRISPR-Cas9 RNPsJournal of Genetics.  97:1315-1325. 2018
2018 NF1 deficiency correlates with estrogen receptor signaling and diminished survival in breast cancernpj Breast Cancer.  4. 2018
2016 Increased trabecular bone and improved biomechanics in an osteocalcin-null rat model created by CRISPR/Cas9 technologyDisease Models and Mechanisms.  9:1169-1179. 2016
2016 Mutation of Growth Arrest Specific 8 Reveals a Role in Motile Cilia Function and Human DiseasePLoS Genetics.  12. 2016
2016 Novel hypomorphic alleles of the mouse tyrosinase gene induced by CRISPR-Cas9 nucleases cause non-albino pigmentation phenotypesPLoS One.  11. 2016
2015 Who is qualified to instruct scientific manuscript writing?Current Science.  108:1032. 2015
2014 Training in scientific manuscript writingCurrent Science.  107:1386-1392. 2014
2013 Conservation and early expression of zebrafish tyrosine kinases support the utility of zebrafish as a model for tyrosine kinase biologyZebrafish.  10:264-274. 2013
2013 NextGen speaks [3]Science.  340:28-29. 2013
2010 Caffeine-induced effects on heart rate in zebrafish embryos and possible mechanisms of action: An effective system for experiments in chemical biologyZebrafish.  7:69-81. 2010
2006 9-O-acetylation of exogenously added ganglioside GD3: The GD3 molecule induces its own O-acetylation machineryJournal of Biological Chemistry.  281:7825-7833. 2006
2005 Robo3 isoforms have distinct roles during zebrafish developmentMechanisms of Development.  122:1073-1086. 2005
2001 Identification and characterization of roundabout orthologs in zebrafishMechanisms of Development.  101:249-253. 2001

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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Molecular Genetics, Ohio State University System : Columbus 2003
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  • Anil Challa