• I am from Birmingham and completed my PhD at UAB studying polymer chemistry. I hold a degree in music from UAB as well. My PhD studies included enhancing the medical applications of biocompatible polymers via chelation of metal ions: manganese for antioxidant cell coatings, gadolinium for MRI contrast of polymer drug carriers, and radioactive zirconium-89 for evaluating the biodistribution of polymer microcapsules. I also studied the effects of ultrasound on polymer microparticles and investigated the behaviors of polymer assemblies on the nanometer scale using neutron scattering at Oak Ridge National Lab.

    During graduate school I had the opportunity to develop new undergraduate lab experiences in general, organic, and polymer chemistry. I enjoyed this part of my work so much that I joined the department of chemistry as the upper division laboratory coordinator in 2020.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
    2020 Dampening Antigen-Specific T Cell Responses with Antigens Encapsulated in Polyphenolic Microcapsules.Immunohorizons.  4:530-545. 2020
    2020 Comparative Uptake and Biological Distribution of [18F]-Labeled C6 and C8 Perfluorinated Alkyl Substances in Pregnant Mice via Different Routes of AdministrationEnvironmental Science and Technology Letters.  7:665-671. 2020
    2020 Photo-Cross-Linked Hydrogel Replication of Small Objects: A Multistep Final Project for Undergraduate Polymer LaboratoriesJournal of Chemical Education.  97:1637-1643. 2020
    2019 Effect of Temperature and Hydrophilic Ratio on the Structure of Poly(N-vinylcaprolactam)- block-poly(dimethylsiloxane)- block-poly(N-vinylcaprolactam) Polymersomes 2019
    2018 Encapsulation and ultrasound-triggered release of G-Quadruplex DNA in multilayer hydrogel microcapsulesPolymers.  10. 2018
    2018 Ultrasound-Triggered Delivery of Anticancer Therapeutics from MRI-Visible Multilayer MicrocapsulesAdvanced Therapeutics.  1. 2018
    2018 Manganoporphyrin-Polyphenol Multilayer Capsules as Radical and Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) ScavengersChemistry of Materials.  30:344-357. 2018
    2017 Polyphenolic Polymersomes of Temperature-Sensitive Poly(N-vinylcaprolactam)-block-Poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone) for Anticancer TherapyBiomacromolecules.  18:2552-2563. 2017
    2017 Theranostic Multilayer Capsules for Ultrasound Imaging and Guided Drug DeliveryACS Nano.  11:3135-3146. 2017
    2017 Small angle scattering for pharmaceutical applications: From drugs to drug delivery systemsAdvances in Experimental Medicine and Biology.  1009:239-262. 2017
    2016 Stratified Temperature-Responsive Multilayer Hydrogels of Poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone) and Poly(N-vinylcaprolactam): Effect of Hydrogel Architecture on PropertiesMacromolecules.  49:6953-6954. 2016

    Research Overview

  • My main research interests now are in the development of new laboratory exercises and teaching methodologies for undergraduate chemistry labs. I am always looking to incorporate the techniques and concepts from high-impact and really cool research into upper-division labs; even classical chemistry concepts can be investigated from within the framework of research methods that look like what chemistry students might actually pursue when they graduate.
  • Education And Training

  • Doctor of Science in Chemistry, University of Alabama at Birmingham 2019
  • Master of Sciences or Mathematics in Chemistry, University of Alabama at Birmingham 2014
  • Bachelor of Science or Mathematics in Music, University of Alabama at Birmingham 2007
  • Full Name

  • Patrick Alford